Whittier Fight Shop – Bring the Fight to You

show_photo-4Boxing rings, MMA cages, punching bags and so much more.

Whether your event requires these essentials or your next shoot will need to be dressed like one of those events, Whittier Fight Shop has all of the items you need. Of course they don’t limit themselves to the big fights either.

Their gym is available for location shooting (perfect for a martial arts class scene), their trainers are available for consultation and they even have the uniforms for all kinds of fighting styles.

Plus it never hurts to have a place where you can sign up for classes to get into shape. Knowing how to defend oneself can always come in handy, or kicky depending on your style.

Website: www.whittierfightshop.com

Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals – From Doors and Floors to so Much More

show_photo-3Isn’t it great to find out you have more options than you thought possible?

Tractor Vision Scenery & Rentals can always fabricate the set you need, but it’s always better (not to mention cheaper and way faster) to just rent what you need.

If you swing over to their website and glance at their rentals the first thing you will realize right off the bat is they have 39 doors to choose from (and more not even uploaded), not to mention the available floors, walls and other items available for rent.

Need a clean hardwood floor for your set? Easy enough, what about a grungy porch flooring? Available too.

Of course they also have scenic artists, large format printing, and event design available so don’t even think of putting them in a corner (unless of course you’re putting their walls or flooring in a corner, that would make sense actually).

Website: tractorvision.com

Robert James Company – Art Installations and Metalwork that Will Wow

c7b6bfce64f37b4661b451b49844a279The festival market has been booming. Gone are the days of only a few festivals a year such as Coachella, here to seemingly stay are the massive and often niche festivals happening on what feels like every weekend.

Festivals these days need to distinguish themselves. It isn’t just about the music or the rides (and it certainly isn’t about the $15 pretzels), but about a community getting together and experiencing all kinds of art.

The Robert James Company has had a significant role in that change, especially in recent years. From giant, beautifully lit yet temporary cherry blossom statues at the Electric Daisy Carnivals  to permanent installations on highrises in New York City, Robert James has quite the experience for any project.

Just take a peek at his website and I’m sure you will be convinced his talent is a great asset to make your next project unique.

Website: www.robertjamesstudio.com

Hopper’s Office & Drafting Furniture – An Important but Quiet Role in Production

collage6Drafting is one of the most important steps in designing, especially as it get’s more complicated. Over at Hoppers Office & Drafting Furniture they have the resources to do just that.

What if you just need to dress a set for an artist, architect or classroom that requires a drafting table or other specific equipment? Drawing portfolios, light tables, and plan racks are all available to those who need it. Hoppers has made a business of selling and renting such equipment.

So whether it’s for practical reasons or simply set dressing Hoppers is one of the best places to stop by for drafting equipment and supplies.

The Hand Prop Room – The One Stop Shop Near Mid City

show_photo-3Antiques, trophies, western dressing, Asian props, religious props, and many leather bound books (plus a whole lot more). The Hand Prop Room has collected it all to make your shopping easier.

There is an entire room dedicated to surveillance equipment, another for everything silver, and a whole police/swat room. Monty has also gone out of his way to make their website easy to browse, which is always a bonus. Of course like all prop houses it never hurts though to throw them a call and ask what they actually have in their inventory, it’s always more than their website. Just the other week I was looking for bear traps and sure enough they were one of the people with a few on hand.

They’ve also expanded to fabrication and graphics in the last few years. HPR Graphics can serve all of your logo, banner, and graphic design needs like any good graphics department and HPR Custom can meet all of your prop fabrication needs.

With a regularly updated inventory and the ever necessary knowledgeable staff, you’d be silly not to give them a call.

Website: www.hpr.com


SDSA GMM – July General Membership Meeting @ H.D. Buttercup

L1050434Chad put on a grand soirée for the Set Decorators Society of America members and the business members who came to the latest general membership meeting. I don’t think I have seen that many set decorators at once in a very long time.

It was nice to see the inside of H.D. Buttercup again, it had been a while. They have quite a large space full of contemporary dressing and furnitureIMG_2799. Many unique (but still in multiples) hanging light fixtures dotted the ceiling above a large collection of couches, side tables and more.

The food was absolutely delicious, by New School of Cooking, and was constantly being refreshed. Thank you to everyone involved in yet another successful gathering!

Kids Cottage Furniture – A Perfect Source for Just That, Kids Furniture.

slideshow2If only there was a place where you could get a child’s bed that was shaped like Cinderella’s carriage, or maybe a bunk bed set where the stairs were also drawers.

KidsCottage-logoThere are a lot of custom furniture places out there and they tend to emphasize specific styles: Mid-century Modern, Transitional, Traditional, and even Arts & Crafts. The glory of Kids Cottage Furniture is that they have what can be considered it’s own specialty. Children’s furniture.

From pre-fab kids furniture to custom-made furniture for children they are one of the best sources. Need it for rent? They have that option. Want it for purchase? They are more than happy to acquiesce.

If you need to dress a kid’s room you can’t really do better when it comes to options and variety then with Kids Cottage Furniture.

Website: www.kidscottagefurniture.com

Retro-Reproductions – Posters, Vintage Photographs and Lithographic Prints

CafeNoirArt can be found in many places, the most common being framed artwork.

I also have a love for photographs and posters. They can often be a small window into the past that other pieces of artwork can accomplish, but not as easily.

Sylvie Bruges and her partner understand the importance, and fun, of these windows. _0mweOX8Their company Retro-Reproductions has a large collection of vintage movie posters, theatrical posters, advertisements and more all available for purchase.

They also have two sister companies with their own emphases that you can browse through.

Website: www.retro-reproductions.com

Chris G TV – Set Construction to Full Blown Production Design

sequestered10_largeProduction Design – Realizing a style and theme for sets, props and locations that is aligned with a director’s (and others’) vision.

Chris G TV can get what you need done. Chris Giammalvo is a Local 800 member with over 14 years of experience in the industry. From designing and set construction to the whole production design he’s made a business out of getting a vision done right.

fitness11_largeThey have everything from carpenters and plasterers to set decorators and graphic designers waiting for your next project. They have a wide berth of experience too. From working with the Kids Choice Awards and on location home shoots to workout videos and McDonalds commercials, they can do it.

Of course sometimes you just need some scene flats or a bit of CNC routing. All of this can be provided by Chris G TV. So for your next project, whether a web series or a full production, you should drop him a call. You’d be surprised what they can accomplish.

Website: www.chrisg.tv

The Brig Parking Lot – More Than a Parking Lot, But Also a Useful Parking Lot

If you’ve ever been in Venice, CA then you know how terrible parking is there.

show_photo-2If you’ve ever tried to do a shoot on location in Venice, CA then you understand how terrible parking is over there.

Thankfully there are always alternative options to using the streets. The Brig Parking Lot is 6,700 square feet of precious lot to store your craft services, wardrobe vehicles, make-up, and well… your cars!

Located on Abbot Kinney Blvd., it is conveniently located near a lot of the hot spots in Venice, CA, AND being a part of the bar The Brig also comes with it’s own benefits (such as a liquor license that can cater on that parking lot).

So if you have to swing down to Venice at least you know where some of your important people can park. Who knows where the poor interns will go though.