D’ziner Sign Co. – A Sign of the Times

show_photo-1One-day turnaround is rarely what you want to do, but D’ziner Sign Co is ready and willing to be there with you when it’s needed.

During production, no matter how prepared everyone has been up to the day before (or the day OF) shooting it seems as if someone important is going to change their mind at the last dang second. When they do, all of a sudden that restaurant you’ve been shopping around to create needs to be a gym or, “At least something with a fitness feel to it,” (whatever THAT means).

Thankfully there are services provided by companies like D’ziner Sign Co. where your needs can be met. Plus, let’s be honest, you don’t want to be involved with that commercial for much longer than necessary.

D’ziner Sign Co. provides all manner services for creating signs, banners, car wraps, magnetic signs, real estate signs, sidewalk signs, 3D lettering, large format printing and more. Give them a call, it’s a sign of good fortune to come!

Website: www.dzinersign.com

Special Effects Unlimited – How You Can Make a Fake Snow Storm in July

202db7df73878de1e59922b76f46f2acSnow, wind, fire.

These are the elements that make or break a movie when it comes to special effects. Sure you could pay a very pretty penny to fake it, but why not pay less for the real deal?!?

Over at Special Effects Unlimited, if it is practical they can practically do anything. Of course you can get your giant fans and similarly “blow you away” equipment rentals but sometimes you need something to bleed green (protip; things usually bleed red so that’s easier to find). Other times you need people that can do the effects for you. There are even times where you need a custom special effect that hasn’t been done before. All of these can be accomplished with Special Effects Unlimited.bf055b4041e68ae4bd29f2e30ef353cf

Custom props, molds, and specific blood pools are also available, made just to your specifications.

So blow your audience away without blowing them (or yourself, or your budget) up and give them a call. As a quick aside, who doesn’t want to play with fire?!?

Website: www.specialeffectsunlimited.com

SDSA GMM – June General Membership Meeting @ ZG04

ZG04 # 1The Set Decorators Society of America had a great turn out at their latest general membership meeting last night at ZG04 DECOR, kindly hosted by the owner Klaus Hasmann.ZG04 # 2

Klaus gave everyone an overview of their new iPad system (Saul was incredibly excited about it last time I saw them) and has already managed to outgrow their current space. So much so actually that ZG04 will be relocating to a new space in the next month! No need to worry of course as they will still be located in The Valley. Klaus he is waiting for Saul to return from his long overdue vacation visiting family out of the country. Something tells me Saul will need another giant vacation after the relocation.ZG04 #3

Philip Hoffman and Shirley Starks were also speakers, welcoming the new members and thanking Klaus for yet again opening up his Prop House to the ever social SDSA members and business members. Everyone in attendance was also given an updated overview of the latest SDSA business model.

Website: www.zg04decor.com

Contempo Window Fashions – Your Windows Never Looked So Good

67045047_scaled_279x438They want to use a space with a 15′ high window. Okay.

OH, but they want to have drapery that fits the ambiance of the scene and it’s not just those lame shears that are up now, of course it’s also Saturday. Where do you go to find a custom drapery?!?

Contempo Window Fashions is a great industry friendly business that will work with your turnarounds so you don’t have to worry about the dang window dressing and can finally go find that guillotine you’ve needed for the next scene.

Of course, like any good window dressing company, they do much more than just drapery. Shades and blinds, upholstery services, decorative pillows. Here’s the kicker, they can professionally install too!

Website: www.contempowindowfashions.com

Supply Sergeant – A Leader in Military Surplus, Military Clothing, and… Emergency Rations?

logoFrom camping supplies to military boots and clothing Supply Sergeant has plenty of choices for you to pick from. That’s why costumers and property masters swing by to pick up that odd item (or fifteen items) for their show.

Law enforcement uniforms, military hats, vintage and modern military surplus; they’ve got it all. Need some badges or patches on those uniforms? Ding, they’ve got those too.

Perfect for the moody teenager that wants to look cool wearing army camouflage pants and an army backpack, or if you actually need to dress a platoon of army soldiers for a scene. Ok, it might be considered too early for Halloween but if you want that flight suit or Camo Face paint this is also the place to go.

Website: www.supplysergeantshop.com

Sommer’s Plastic Products – There’s Probably a Product for You

logoWhat do Mr. Freeze, Kim Kardashian, Micky Mouse, Rhianna and Superman have in common? They’ve all worn costuming by Sommers Plastic Products.

Sommers began as a plastics company in the 1940s and, over the years, has expanded to include synthetic leather, fur, polyurethane, PVC and vinyl. Sommers sells “genuine fake fur” (perfect for your vegan needs!); light-shifting, shimmering iridescent ChromaFlair®; and even agUARDIAN®, an antimicrobial material used in X-ray aprons, table placemats, diaper bags and odor-free orthotic shoe inserts.

In short, they make a lot of materials and fabrics for many different needs and one of those needs is probably yours.

Website: www.sommers.com

Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture – It’s Really More than Office Furniture Now

It’s always great to see new inventory coming through the door.Bank Deposit Stations

So if you haven’t zipped over to Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture’s new warehouse location on Vanowen Street, you will definitely be surprised of the new items they have brought in over the past few months.

A perfect example; Vintage Tanker Desks and Mid Century Modern Executive Desks are part of their latest additions. Even cooler, set of New Bank Teller Windows and Bank Deposit Stations.Advance Teller wndows

Oh and for that school lunch room set they have multiples of 12 foot Cafeteria Lunch Tables. Excellent when you need to shoot a scene where dozens of kids are munching on their lunches.

Seriously, swing by their newer location. You will not regret it!

Website: www.advancedliquidators.com

Western Studio Service – Storage Container Cleaning Sale!

show_photoSometimes shows just leave their stuff in storage. It’s just a reality, and sometimes they don’t come back to claim it.

Today is the last day to take advantage of their loss. Western Studio Service is having a sidewalk sale of all their leftover items in storage.

What kinds of items will be available? They are cleaning out lots of office furniture and household goods left behind by dozens of television shows. If your kids are off to college soon or just moving out this would be a great time to pick up a few things, and if they aren’t than this is perfect for encouraging that ‘time to move out’ moment.

Western # 1

Western #2

Website: www.westernstudioservice.com

Jet Sets – Practical Effects Can Look Digital and Awesome

Jet Sets, a prop and set construction company located in North Hollywood, has recently posted a couple of pieces they created on their blog.4005_1189x841_WM_F1_UK_P13878_R1

One of my favorites has to be their unique design of LED embedded polished acrylic. Originally their client wanted a neon frame that could be placed on a car to give the impression the car ran like a race car. After neon was deemed too fragile the team over at Jet Sets made their desire a reality with their clever implementation.

With a crack team of designers, fabricators, and all of the tools necessary to get the product out, Jet Sets has always been one of the go to companies for getting your idea completed. Onsite CNC routers, 3D printers, and a fully staffed graphics department allow them to make almost anything become a reality.

IMG_0008The next time you need anything made why not swing by and chat with their team, they’ll get your set or prop up and running before you can say, “Thanks Jet Sets, you really saved my butt on that since neon is a pretty fragile medium and the cars will be running pretty quickly. Not to mention getting there and installing it may break it before we even attempt to get the shot!”

That may be a mouthful but two sentences is actually a really fast turnaround.

Website: www.jetsets.com

The Rug Warehouse – A Family Rug Business Woven with History and Love

Tradition is one of the many things that The Rug Warehouse is known for along with made-to-order with customizable designs and imported high end rugs.

Starting over 100 years ago, the Haroonian family refined their business in Iran, known for it’s fine wool rugs. As the family emigrated to the United States, they brought that craftsmanship and love for rugs with them.

thumbnailsGrowing with rug dealers around the country (not to mention across the sea) the business has continued to stay at the forefront of the rug industry, including renting to the entertainment industry. George Haroonian has been at the helm, always kind and happy to chat, bringing stories of recent travels and his family.

The rug business has passed down from generation to generation, always with a business standard that continues that is hard to match. The Rug Warehouse is now led by Gilda, who represents the 4th generation of Haroonians.

Website: www.therugwarehouse.com