EC Prop Rentals Has a New Website

show_photoWow! Wow! Wow! If you haven’t checked out E.C. Props‘ newly updated website, you really should. My favorite feature is the Holiday Schedule (no one loves a good break more than me). The website may be new, but you’ll find the same incredible inventory of industrial, lighting, locker room, warehouse and street props. There’s not much that E.C. Props doesn’t have.

Airport seating? No problem.

Guard shacks and parking lot arms? Enter here.

Bus shelters? E.C. has you covered.

So the next time you’ve got a street scene, alley or warehouse to dress, E.C. Props is the place to be.


Wizard: Wardrobe Trailer Trash

10343657_10152581852000209_3286211781014219510_n“Wizard: Wardrobe Trailer Trash,” reads the site’s logo. I had to chuckle at the humor. I like people who don’t take themselves too seriously but take their craft to heart. Wizard customizes a variety of clothing, bags and goods to help make your next corporate giveaway, sporting event, trade show, charity fundraiser or family gathering memorable.

The folks at Wizard can do a variety of printing techniques and embroidery to create your order the way you want it. Need just one shirt? No problem. They’ll do one or dozens. Mugs, caps, aprons, towels, banners, postcards—the list of merchandise goes on. Check out the online catalog for more. And for you costumers, Wizard gives you a special thanks your own Costumer’s Corner.

Dream up your design, and let the folks at Wizard do their printing magic.


History For Hire’s Gary Aardahl – Prop Fabricator Extraordinaire!

11032017_10152889119563877_3266154443504665646_nGary Aardahl runs the Custom Shop over at History for Hire. For 25 years Gary and his team have recreated and restored thousands of historical props–ancient Phoenician writing tablets, Medieval armaments, American Revolutionary War artifacts, you name it and its probably been done in the Custom Shop. With an education in history Gary spent many years restoring artifacts and fabricating pieces for exhibition, so detail and quality are what you’re sure to get.

History for Hire’s Custom Shop creates and restores military equipment from every era; handmade Native American props, such as beaded bags, weapons and bow cases; and out-of-date technologies like early TV equipment; and so much more.

So, the next time you need historical props fabricated or restored, call on Gary and his team at History for Hire.


ZG04 DECOR – A Prop House w/ the Benefit’s of an Event Company’s Inventory

DSCN0199I swung by ZG04 DECOR the other day to see their constantly revolving inventory (plus I hadn’t been there since they first opened last year in April) and I was impressed.

According to Saul all displays are rotated every month or so to allow regular visitors to see different pieces from their inventory in different settings (or at all – they are seriously gaining quite a collection and there are some gems hidden in the corners).DSCN0204

One of the many benefits of their partnership with the event company known as 204 Events is they share inventories and fabrication talent. Need drapes made of a particular fabric and/or color? They can make it happen. Need a ridiculous amount of multiples of chairs, tables, or even chandeliers? Everything in the warehouse is an option.Lamps

Do yourself a favor, even if you have swung by already, and visit ZG04. I know Klaus is always on the search for something more. Their furniture and set dressing options also go beyond the normal Contemporary Furniture with pieces and collections from other time periods.


Artery Props & The Auditorium – Musical Instruments, Cleared Albums, Posters, and More!

DSCN0179Your script requires a full rock band get-up (and a classical harp for some reason-sometimes those showrunners need to get out of their own heads). The location is a dingy punk rock hellhole in the basement of a sleazy part of town. You need band posters on the walls, record album covers surrounding the stage, and the band needs to sell cassettes after the concert.DSCN0194

Oh yeah, everything also needs to be cleared.

Thank goodness for Artery Props & The Auditorium. I dropped by the other day to see how they were doing and to take in some of their recent print work and musical instruments.

DSCN0191They design and print cleared album covers for cassettes, cds, and records along with printing posters, stickers, and video game covers. They look real and will never get you into legal hot water thanks to being originals made by them!

As for their instruments, they have a great collection and it just keeps growing. A “portable” organ, all kinds of drum sets, guitars, and more (not to mention a sweet standup bass and a full sized harp).

As if that wasn’t all enough reason to stop by their spot they also happen to be across the street from Objects!

Website: &

Aside from Dapper Cadavers, what else does Dapper Cadaver have?

Gore RoomAs many may already know, Dapper Cadaver is the perfect stop for everything dead, almost dead, formerly dead, or looks like it can make you dead. What many don’t realize is that they have other specialties too!

Dino FossilsA recent addition is their separate entity Creatures & Cultures. The items offered under that arm could be considered a little more lowkey but no less desired for sets. I had a chance to see some full plate armor, quite a few dinosaur fossils, and some rather well kept specimen.

DSCN0175The rooms are organized well too (they recently moved to a larger location) so you can really get an idea of what is available for you. Classy caskets and creepy coffins, statues that look like they’re thinking of grabbing you and others that seem pretty calm in one place.

I must admit, however, one of my favorites was hiding behind some boxes. A statue in the form of a giant’s head. Even for the big guys it’s an easy place to lose one’s mind!

Website: &


U-Frame It Gallery

show_photoNeed your artwork framed fast? With 1-hour framing, pick-up and delivery, U-Frame It Gallery’s service is hard to beat. From classical to contemporary, from vintage to avant-garde, there’s thousands of frame styles to choose from, and U-Frame-It experts will show you the best options for displaying your artwork and keepsakes. Design consultations are free!

U-Frame-It also has access to cleared artwork, and their custom plaques, engravings and museum frames meet the high quality standards needed for gallery shows, museum exhibitions, archival prints, and award presentations.

U-Frame-It provides services to the film & TV industry, corporations, small business, artists, photographers and the retail public—and they’ve been doing it for over 30 years.


Cinderella (2015) – Disney’s Recent Live Action Retelling Doesn’t Hold Back

cinderella-movie-2015-screenshot-pumpkin-carriage-1I recently went to see the most recent Cinderella (and only slightly grudgingly). It was hard to believe the movie could be made again and still keep the audience enthralled.

When I came out of that movie pleasantly surprised I found I had a lot of questions. How much of this “live-action” was computer generated; How on earth did they create that ball scene; and where can I see that pumpkin coach?

cinderellas-swarovski-slippersIt was beautiful, from start to finish, and every scene well articulated. Books stacked in an orderly fashion show a family with a thirst for knowledge. The ball room scene (apparently almost completely CGI free) oozes with a royal flair perfect for a fairy tale. As an aside, I have sent a formal request to make Helena Bonham Carter my personal fairy godmother because she very clearly fits the part magically.

To top off the whole shebang, Cinderella’s slippers were made of 100% Swarovski crystal! Why doesn’t the prince ever get to wear something cool like that?!?

Critters of the Cinema – Wrangled and/or Trained

emerald_tree_boaSome critters can’t be trained. Snakes, for one, are of the wrangling variety—and that’s a task better left to the pros. Am I right? Critters of the Cinema has been training and wrangling all kinds of animals, birds, insects and reptiles for quite some time. In fact, Rob Bloch started Critters of the Cinema back in 1981, so the folks there have handled many critters large and small and amassed a long list of credits along the way.FancyFeast(Kibble)(Hero)_1a

So whether your set is on a farm or a cat food commercial, the four-legged talents at Critters of the Cinema are always ready for their close-ups. Makeup! Who says you can’t put lipstick on a pig or teach an old dog new tricks?


25th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER25mini2013. The Affordable Care Act launched; Snowden released NSA top secrets; and Pope Francis was elected as the new leader of Vatican City.

Thanks to Miley, we learned about “twerking”; Breaking Bad ended its successful run; and the obsession with zombies continued on The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, by popular demand, Debbies Book went old school and the printed book returned for those who needed to have a copy on their car seats. With print-on-demand, users ordered Debbies Book from Amazon with doorstep delivery. (Thank goodness for Amazon, since all our printers went out of business!)

Many changes were made to the website, making it easier to navigate. For iPad users, our eBook was a great new addition in 2013. And with so many using smartphones, a mobile app was also created, giving users another way to access Debbies Book on the go!