19th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER19mini2004–2005. Debbies Book cover goes retro wild, and we make T-shirts of the cover for a collectible.

Paris Hilton debuted The Simple Life, and we were treated to Desperate Housewives, The Apprentice and CSI: NY. Sequels such as Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2 and Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban hit the theatres.

Facebook launched; Google went public; and gay marriage was legal in Massachusetts. Martha Stewart got 5 months in prison, and Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunctioned on national TV. A tsunami in Asia killed 200,000 people; the Olympic Games returned to Athens; and Boston won the World Series after 86 years.

Schmidli Backdrops

painted-page-compositeSchmidli’s client list might as well read: Everyone. That’s because the list is a who’s who in fashion, advertising, film & TV, editorial, photography and more. And as it should be because Schmidli Backdrop’s backdrops are art – classic and distinct, beautiful and inspiring.

You can browse the online collection of backdrops for rent, but if you want something different from what you see, Schmidli will custom paint your backdrop. The Los Angeles and New York spaces can also be rented for shoots.

Website: www.schmidli.com

Air Hollywood

sliderAn “aviation-themed studio.” That’s Air Hollywood. Walk onto the stages and you walk into any airport in the world. Economy and first class rows, cockpit and lavatory—the mock-ups are fully dressed and camera-ready, allowing you to shoot interiors without the hassle of today’s airport security issues.

Air Hollywood’s 60,000-plus sq. ft. studio also houses a turbulence platform and an airport terminal stage. Props & set dressing are available for rent, and set design & fabrication services are provided for a fee.

slider2Beyond its production services, Air Hollywood partners with a Whittier-based nonprofit for Open Sky for Autism. The program helps families with autistic members to acclimate to air travel, allowing everyone to prepare for and enjoy the travel experience.

Air Hollywood also has The Pan Am Experience. If you’re too young to remember the days of Pan American Airlines, think Catch Me If You Can or the TV series Pan Am. The experience is like a Pan Am museum/dinner theater experience that transports you back to the golden era of air travel. Remember when people used to dress up to fly?

Website: www.airhollywood.com

Pro Boxing Supplies

Pro Boxing Supplies copyAmateur or pro, Pro Boxing Supplies carries everything you need to train and fight—whether boxing, wrestling or martial arts. Boxing rings and MMA cages are available for sale or rent, and the selection of products of wide. Strength and conditioning equipment, protective gear, gloves, shoes, punching bags—you name it.

Pro Boxing Supplies has several locations in L.A. and the valley, but inventory can be ordered online and shipped. One way or another, you can get that championship belt you’ve always wanted.

Website: www.proboxingsupplies.com

Green Set, Inc.

greenset_jungle2Recreating nature is what Green Set does, and they’ve been doing it since 1991. What began in rented trailers on Vanowen St. more than 23 years ago has turned into one of the largest greens business in the entertainment industry.

While maintaining its core entertainment clientele, Green Set has expanded to provide and create props and plants for weddings, conferences, tradeshows, still photography, private parties and sporting venues among other functions. Now everyone knows what the industry has known for years—leave the greenery to Green Set.

Website: www.greenset.com

Palms Cycle Shop

logoAll bike paths lead to Palms Cycle Shop. Mountain bikes, road bikes, vintage bikes, custom bikes—you’ll find them all at Palm. Need a tune-up or a complete overhaul to your tired bicycle? Take your bike in for some love.

Blocks from Sony Studios and about a mile from Fox, Palm Cycle provides prop bikes for many productions and the shop itself is a great location rental. With expert service, the bike enthusiasts at Palm Cycle will take care of all your bicycle needs.

Website: www.palmscycle.com

Cornwell & Sheridan Picture Vehicles

1936packard-coupeA pristine 1948 crème yellow and black, 2-door Bentley convertible with maroon leather interior—it’s just one of the many treasures at Cornwell & Sheridan Picture Vehicles. Foreign and domestic, the cars themselves tell a story. Cornwell & Sheridan also has motorcycles, like a 1940 BSA military bike, and a 1943 Stearman biplane for rent. They even have the Hannibal 8 and the Torpedo cars from The Great Race (1965) on loan to the Peterson Museum.plane1

There’s many others to choose from. Whichever you choose, Cornwell & Sheridan will deliver detailed and camera-ready.

Website: www.old-cars.net

Culver Architects Inc.

shapeimage_9-1Architecture, landscape and interiors—the sum of the three can be more beautiful than the parts, as each complements the others. C|ARC (Culver Architects Inc.) specialize in all three, creating modern beauty with each turn.

shapeimage_9That same passion and talent is also used in their scale models of homes they design, and you guessed it, they’re available for rent.

Green design, materials and construction, sustainable landscapes, and the use of efficient systems sets LEEDS-accredited Culver Architects apart. The firm, headed by Ron Culver, also provides consultation services.

Website: www.carcinc.com/C_ARC/model_rentals.html

Critters of the Cinema

Animals and children can steal the scene. Critters of the Cinema can’t help you with little human ones, but if it’s animals you’re looking for then you’re barking up the right tree (I couldn’t resist). Critters has been in the biz for over 30 years, supplying all kinds of animals for films, TV, commercials, live stage, print and parades.claplarg

Whether you’re creating tableaux of Dogs Playing Poker or filming a Fancy Feast commercial, Critters of the Cinema are always ready for their close-ups.

Note: No animals were hurt in the writing of this blog. They might have been cuddled though!

Website: www.crittersofthecinema.com

AIR Designs

{B0842866-BBAB-42B1-8238-FC46FACE89DA}You’ll find a wide range of set dressings and props at Air Designs. The shop specializes in street, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lighting, warehouse, NASCAR, automotive and vending machines. From the small items like café trays to the large set pieces like ATM machines or guard shacks, Air Designs’ inventory fills its 55,000-sq.ft. Sun Valley warehouse with what might be everything you need to dress your set.

{20663A63-02BB-452B-B5B3-D9F08937427F}Dan Selover left the company he started in 2000 in the good hands of his sons, who continue to keep Air Designs a top source for set dressing and props in the San Fernando Valley.

Website: www.airdesigns.net