Happy Turkey Day – 2014

chasing_smiley_textI hope everyone has been able to get that Turkey, because now is the time to start cooking it (or just find someone else who cooked it).

Gobble gobble!

Everyone will be back in the office Monday, hopefully not too stuffed to start getting the new book ready!

(oops, have I mentioned we are coming out with a new book in January)

Adler Pool Tables

ballsStarted as a small local business focused on buying and selling used pool tables, Adler Pool Tables has grown into a national company that can handle all of your pool table and accessory needs.

They offer a wide variety of table designs to choose from, and are well known for their ability to reproduce popular antique designs that are difficult to find. So whether you are looking to bring new life back to an old table, or have a custom table made, Adler can make it happen.

Website: www.adlerpooltables.com

Triangle Scenery Drapery Co.

logoRaise the curtain and light the stage for the opening act. Oh, you don’t have these items to do that with? That’s a bump in the road.

Well good news is someone out there does.

Since 1940, Triangle Scenery Drapery Co. has been a trusted source for theatrical equipment. Sales, rentals, designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing… they can help make certain your next production will be a complete and successful one.

Website: www.tridrape.com

A. D. Business Solutions

AD_Business_SolutionsCompleting a money transaction might be a little difficult to do without a register, credit card processor, or any other item needed for this.

Don’t worry though, because A. D. Business Solutions is there for you. They offer all of the latest products for your business needs, and have years of experience serving customers. From counterfeit cash detectors to replacement ink, they have it all.

Website: www.cashandcredit.com

13th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER13mini1998–1999. We kept the book cover design from the previous year, with only minor changes; I learned from this that covers need to be changed radically every year. We revamped and fine-tuned the category index, and ‘Deb on the Web’ was taking off.

While the FDA approved Viagra, President Clinton’s sex scandal rocked the White House. The Microsoft antitrust trial began; Europeans agreed on the Euro; and Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra passed away at 82.

Sex & The City, Will & Grace and Dawson’s Creek were on TV, and at the movies, we had Saving Private Ryan, Armageddon and A Bug’s Life and of course; Titanic, the most expensive movie to date, took the Oscar. Meanwhile, Los Angeles added new area codes (323 and 310), we added 100 pages of wardrobe information; and Debbies Book hit over 600 pages.

The New Bridge Furniture & Props in Los Angeles

DSCN0104Bridge Furniture & Props has been a hot spot to stop in New York for years now, and owner Matt has now made the plunge into Los Angeles.

One of the bonuses of shopping over at the LA location of Bridge? It’s all new, including the multiples. From their decorative accessories and art for rent to their couches and contemporary furniture, every piece hasn’t been used yet.

Bridge Props FurnitureWant to keep it? All of their props and dressing are available for sale as well (and did I mention they were new [see condition of used compared to new furniture]).

Swing on by their place, say hello to their sweet dog, and take in the fresh rental options available.

Q: But Debbie, everything is covered in plastic!
A: That’s to keep it clean. Trust me, their furniture looks great!

Website: la.bridgeprops.com

Burbank Unpainted Furniture

shapeimage_1If you are looking for real wood furniture, or quality custom pieces for a remodeling project, then take a look at the inventory of Burbank Unpainted Furniture. Cabinets, tables, chairs, and all other pieces of furniture are available.

Alder, oak, maple and pine are just some of the woods used to create the products they offer. To complete your furniture, they also offer a great selection of stains and paint.

Website: www.burbankunpaintedfurniture.com

C & C Fence Co., Inc.

Logo411-6If you are looking to keep something out of a specific space (or keep something in a specific space) temporarily or permanently, then it sounds like a fence is your best bet.

From simple chain link to sturdy iron, the folks at C & C Fence Co. are experts in this area.

Family owned for over 30 years, they handle both residential and commercial projects. They also install electric gates and hand railing if the project requires it.

Website: www.candcfence.com

Cassidy Stock Shots

show_photoBased in the Pacific Northwest, photographer Diane Cassidy captures the beauty of nature as well as images of everyday life, and brings them to you through Cassidy Stock Shots.

Her work has been featured on many film sets, and from the wide variety of images to choose from, it’s easy to see why. All images and photographs have clearance, and can be edited if needed. If you need something more specific, she can do custom shoots as well.

Website: www.cassidystockshots.com 

12th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER12mini1997–1998. Because most connections were very slow dial-up, our new website was designed mainly for speed and built around the book’s directory structure. We put directions on the book tabs to show people how to navigate our new website.

In the same year, AOL announced 10 million online users; J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published; and Princess Diana, Mother Theresa and John Denver died. NBC’s Thursday night lineup, with Friends, Seinfeld, Veronica’s Closet and ER, was unbeatable; and Titanic sunk all competition at the box office.