Happy Halloween – 2014!

free-pumpkin-clipart-PumpkinTall DBHappy Halloween from everyone at Debbies Book, Inc!

Be safe, costume cleverly, and eat candy.

Don’t forget that if you need something last minute you may still have a couple hours to reach out to some of our clients.

Make sure your night is BOO-tiful!

Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture

show_photoWhether you are looking for your own furniture, or need an office full of items to fill a set, Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture has what you need.

They have new, used, modern and vintage items to choose from. You can browse through their inventory at their huge showroom or prop warehouse, which are both located in North Hollywood. So if you are looking for the “best bargains in town”, give them a call.

Website: www.advancedliquidators.com

Glenn R. Johnson Scale Models

Glenn R JohnsonLooking to have a realistic town built, but as a scale model? Or maybe you have a model that is in need of some touch up and lighting. Before you go to your local craft store, contact someone who has real experience in this area.

For over 45 years, Glenn R Johnson Scale Models has been in the business of model making, and has a team of professional model builders that can create whatever you might need, from the table used to house the model, to intricate landscaping details. If you need to have your model transported, they will make sure it arrives safely, and looking like it was when it left!

Website: www.grjmodels.com 

Galaxy Enterprises, Inc.

galaxy_top_01Imagine if your spa day had to be spent on your feet, with no comfy chair for hairstyling, or table to rest your hands on while you get that fabulous manicure. Wouldn’t be a very relaxing experience, that’s for sure!

Fortunately, this does not have to be a reality. Since 1949 Galaxy Enterprises, Inc. has been a supplier of furniture and equipment for the beauty industry. They have a large inventory of new as well as pre-owned equipment to choose from. In addition to salon and spa equipment, they are also suppliers for medical and dental offices.

Website: www.galaxymfg.com 

Liz’s Antique Hardware

Lizs Antique HardwareSometimes when you think antiques perhaps you think big, eye-catching items. Easy to do. Just as important though, are the small pieces that can really complete a room.

Liz’s Antique Hardware has a vast selection of items to enhance cabinets, doors, walls, lighting and more. From Early American to Contemporary, you are sure to find something for your project.

They also offer reproductions of some of those hard to find items!

Website: www.lahardware.com

SDSA General Membership Meeting 10/23/14

IMG_2182.JPGSDSA met up once again, this time over at Forman & Associates.

It was a good gathering all in all. 17 or so booths were set up with all kinds of suppliers of lighting and lighting related products to ‘ooh and ahh’ at.

As always there was also some food and drink, and good company. Not to mention the raffle (my favorite part) where I managed to win a beautiful floral arrangement from the florist Manuah Flower Boutique!

These meetings are always a treat and I can’t wait for the next one!

Nights of Neon will Sign You Up

non_logoAlways able to create state-of-the-art signs and neon diplays, Nights of Neon has been a fixture in the industry for over 20 years. Their neon and signs have been seen on countless television shows, commercials and films (not to mention places that just have neon signs).

Of course they have a large inventory of items available for rent. The big part is they have a full service on site production facility for custom jobs. Need custom vinyl graphics? Maybe some CNC Routing? Their range of expertise is hard to match.

From small signs to giant marquees, you know that your job will be done right so sign up your next project with them.

Website: www.nightsofneon.com

Chris G TV

services_imageWhen looking for your next project set design to rent or have custom made, give the Art Directors Guild member Chris Giammalvo and his team over at Chris G TV Inc. a shout (or a holla, do people still holla? It’s hard to keep track).

Started by Chris and conveniently located in Sun Valley, they have a large working space and a skilled team with the ability to take on any project. Their designs have been used for many commercials, music videos, and live events.

Check out their Work page to see some examples of what they have done.

Website: www.chrisg.tv

Seaway Company of Catalina

SeawayOfCatalina AdFor over 40 years Seaway Company of Catalina has been serving the Port of Los Angeles and the waters of Southern California. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted that a service is needed to get items to destinations via water.

From transporting refrigerated cargo off of the mainland, to towing a vessel in need of repair, even shooting off fireworks over the sea; it all takes someone with the knowledge and equipment to ensure that these things can happen safely and efficiently.

They are a full-service maritime company with the equipment and staff to meet their client’s needs. Even if it is use of a barge for a giant firework display, they are able to help.

Website: www.seawaycompany.com

Great New Invention – The Gaff Gun

I’m always a fan of new inventions, especially ones that make life simpler.

My friend Tim Hogan of PCPA recently emailed me a video of this sweet gadget. Instead of having to get on your hands and knees to lay wire and tape it down, you just walk!

Check out the video below to see it in action. According to the video they will start shipping out orders in December.

Website: www.gaffgun.com