Overhead View of I Love Lucy Set

Sometimes one comes across a gem that needs to be shared with the world.

My friend Michael Brittain over at Western Studio Service sent a photo my way. A very rare overhead view of the entire I Love Lucy set. Complete with the bedroom (with the infamous twin beds), living room, kitchen, and Ricky’s club.

Very cool indeed:


7th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER7-1992mini1992–1993. Life was a little scary for me—I started publishing Debbies Book full time.

The Cold War ended; we witnessed the LA Riots; CDs eclipsed cassette tapes as preferred music media; web browsers for non-geeks were being developed, and Euro Disney opened in France.

TV viewers were crazy for Mad About You and Melrose Place, and Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show. Movies theaters were full of sequels like Batman Returns and Lethal Weapon 3, and Silence of the Lambs hushed all others for the top Oscar awards in 1992. That year I added tabs to Debbies Book and printed 3,000 copies – my biggest print run to date.

Can You Guess Where These Come From?

Sometimes you need a life sized statue of a busty woman in a blue slip. Other times you need control panels and sonar displays.

Modern Props -1 Modern Props 2 Modern Props 3

Well if you guessed Modern Props you’re right. Everyone should swing by their place at least every once in a while to check out some of the cool stuff they have. They fabricate all kinds of futuristic props (that often having moving parts and fancy blinking lights!) and also have a rather large selection of furniture from of many styles.

Website: www.modernprops.com

NEST Inventory Updates

Boy I hadn’t been to NEST Studio Rentals in a little while, not since I dropped off books at least.

They have really grown into their space. Their inventory was always great but they are brimming at the moment! Their emphasis was originally a lot of Contemporary Furniture, very clean too, but that appears to have expanded to quite a plethora of other categories.

Most notably to me at least was their wonderful kids desk dressing and room dressing. Toys, staplers, and artwork that could really influence a set are available. Some are even organized by color!

Nest 1 Photo 9:14 Nest 2 Photo 9:14 Nest 3 Photo 9:14 Nest 4 Photo 9:14

Website: www.neststudiorentals.net

New Lighting, Again!

RC Vintage is seemingly always collecting more types of lighting.

The retro themed prop house owner Willy has always had a knack for finding unique items (as all prop house owners are oft to). Recently he has been collecting all kinds of unique lighting and lighting fixtures.

Here are just some of the most recent additions:

RC Vintage Lamps 9:14

Shake it Up, or Mix it Up! Take your Pick

Platinum RestaurantWhether your set needs something to shake it up or things should probably look a little different turn so you mix it up, Platinum Restaurant Equipment probably has what you need. In industrial size. Also with multiples.

They are a nice clean shop with everything organized to help dress all of your restaurant [set] needs!

6th Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

1990–1991. Operation Desert Storm was raging and Grunge was going mainstream. Debbies Book lost its apostrophe as the book evolved beyond just props and set dressing. More advertisers found us, and prop houses and bookstores began selling Debbies Book.COVER6-1990mini

Last Stop Props & Scenic Inc.

3a6dfa_fd54048e3bca7666530223ff0e0036f3.png_srz_p_279_207_75_22_0.50_1.20_0If you are looking for all of your set needs in one location, and in a short amount of time, then make Last Stop Props & Scenic, Inc. your first stop!

They have everything from rental furniture to cleared art and graphics, as well as a set shop capable of constructing whatever you might need. If you are looking for studio space for a project, they have that available to rent as well.

Website: www.laststopprops.net

Need a Strap?

Sure, History for Hire has all manner of sports gear from all manner of different time periods. They also have radio and television station dressing from every decade.

I could go on and on about their wide array of military uniforms, graphic design department, trunks, and more. However, I will simply leave you with some of the wide assortment of guitar straps.

History for Hire 9:14

Website: www.historyforhire.com