3rd Edition – Debbies Book Retrospective

COVER3-1983mini1982–1984. We said good-bye to M*A*S*H and hello to Cheers. Gandhi took Oscar’s Best Picture and, with the rise of personal computers, Debbies Book went high tech.

For the first time, the book was laid out on a computer and sent to a printer. Little did we all realize how computers and the Internet would be such game changers. Cellphones made their first appearance in the States, another big game changer. Prop Houses were beginning to move north of Hollywood. Earl Hays Press relocated and Independent Studio Services, Lennie Marvin, Woody’s Electronic Props on San Fernando Rd. marked the beginning of the move to Sun Valley. Back in Hollywood, larger independent prop houses like Omega Props began gobbling up smaller ones. Twenty-five years ago props were a lot simpler. Typical categories listed in the book were License Plates, Record Players, Phonographs and Turntables (both for records and Scenery Construction). Duplicating scripts was a pain. Kinkos wasn’t widespread; you had to go to small companies who had Xerox services. Of course, Kinkos is now FedEx. Yes, time changes everything, and Debbies Book continues to change with the times.

Asian Ceramics

logoTastefully arranged items in a yard can really make a difference between the meh and the wow! By strategically placing a few ceramic pots or a colorful planter, you can transform an average garden into a work of art.

If you are looking for a place that can provide these items, then Asian Ceramics Inc. can help. Catering to the professional market, they have a wide range of items to cover many different project styles.

Website: www.asian-ceramics.com


show_photoChristmas and the North Pole in August? Complete with a sleigh, presents, tree, and stockings? Yes, thanks to the folks at FROST (a division of M&M Display, Inc.), this dream can become a reality.

Frost provides holiday rentals and has many different items to choose from to create your holiday masterpiece. Just need a quick display for an event? Then check out their “Santa Sets to Go!”, where you can have everything delivered setup and then removed. They also have Easter items as well! If you would like to check out the items up close, then stop by their showroom located in Torrance.

Website: www.frostchristmasprops.com

My Doll’s House

248_New_Tudor_House_002Doll houses are quite amazing. The attention to detail in a quality house is worth noticing. Some of these creations are so elaborate and cozy that you wish you could live in them! However, not everyone has the time or perhaps the patience to create these miniature mansions on their own. Good thing is there is a place that can help with this.248_Tudor_House_010

If you are in need of a finished dollhouse, or maybe just furniture and dolls, then visit My Doll’s House. They have completed houses, dollhouse kits, interior items, accessories and more. Why not just drop in and check them out.

Lots of great (and tiny) things to see!

[ps, the photo on the right is all miniature!]

Website: www.mydollshouse.com

Film Art LA

show_photoLooking for a company that can handle your art needs and has thousands of works to choose from? At Film Art LA you can find cleared artwork that is available for immediate rental, and ready to use that day.

If you are not in need of something right away or have something very specific in mind, they can even create reproductions to meet your exact specifications. Their staff can handle all of the details involved so you don’t have to, which is probably why they have an endless list of credits.

Website: www.artimagela.com


New Rule FX

Index1It’s fun watching a scene where items are being broken apart, or people are being flung through windows with ease. What wouldn’t be so fun is if the chair or other props were real… it would actually be pretty painful. Believe me, I have certainly gotten myself into a couple of bar fights.

Good thing is New Rule FX is there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Located in Van Nuys, their facility provides a large space to work on their realistic creations. From bottles to cinder blocks, they can create many different breakaway and non-breakaway items for your project. If you need a customized effect or prop, they can do that as well!

Website: www.NewRuleFX.com


logoEmpty wall space can be a problem, especially if you need something in a hurry to fill a room or set. It is nice to be able to find someone who has many choices as well. ARTagogo.net provides a solution to this problem.

They specialize in the rental and sales of cleared art, and have a many artists that are represented. Even better, they will deliver it to you!


Website: www.artagogo.net

Fall Creek Enterprises

pfctentHistorical event reenactment is a huge undertaking. You would hate to have a civil war battle playing out, but only get noticed because the participants are wearing modern day sneakers, or have a coffee mug strapped to their waist instead of a canteen.

No worries about having this happen though, if you are dealing with Fall Creek Enterprises for your big production. For over thirty years, they have provided high quality items to make sure that every detail is covered. From tents to rifle swords, your reenactment or display will be top notch.

Website: www.fcsutler.com

The Agoura Antique Mart

agoura_antique_mart1Need a wide range of antique selections, but don’t want to drive all over the place? Perhaps you need to decorate two completely different themed sets at once. Then it sounds like you need to swing by The Agoura Antique Mart.

From modern to truly vintage, the Agoura Antique Mart has a large designer’s emporium. They feature the items of several different antique dealers. Among this ever changing inventory you can find books, clothing, furniture, china, accessories and more.

Oh, did I mention they are open every day!

Website: www.agouraantiquemart.com

Beyond Image Graphics

show_photoEye catching graphics are key to promoting a project. Whether it be a simple banner or an elaborate set design, the folks at Beyond Image Graphics are able to help.

They have a variety of styles for formatting, as well as printing materials to choose from. Need a specific vehicle decal or a giant cut out for a display? No problem! With so many options, it’s clear to see why their motto is, “go BIG, they won’t know what hit ‘em”!

Website: www.beyondimagegraphics.com