Driving Directions on App Update

app_debb_icoWell, as I’ve said it a million times: THE DEBBIESBOOK APP IS HERE (on Android and iPhone of course)!

Many users asked for voice navigated turn by turn directions (as opposed to the list of directions previously). Well now that is available so if you haven’t updated your app in the last few months go check in again. There just might be an update in there for you.

So there you have it. I’ve integrated voice turn-by-turn directions via Apple maps’ and Google maps’ default navigation apps depending on the device. Unfortunately, Siri’s voice directions will not evolve emotionally / bond on a deeper level / or fall in love with you like Spike Jonze’s Her, but you can bet she’ll be a better back seat driver than your current significant other!

Costume vs Wardrobe

Liberace PicWhat is the pivotal difference between wardrobe and costume? If you’ve been watching the Emmys, Academy Awards, Oscars, or the Grammys then you already know the difference but you just don’t know it yet, you know?

When Liberace furiously marches out on stage with his gold and red, fur trimmed cape, that’s a costume. Though it’s usually not that overboard – a costume presents you as a unique individual, not to be confused with anyone else. A wardrobe on the other hand will impose it’s characteristics upon the wearer (helping define class, group, and identity); a costume bears the characteristics of the barer, projecting the character with it. Basically, a costume is defined by the character and connotes aspects of that character where as wardrobe is (or was in a period piece) used daily with no special intent beyond wearing some clothes that day.Leo Great Gatsby Photo

Wardrobe is absolutely essential to every production, but costume is crucial to transform Leonardo DiCaprio into the Great Gatsby, the Wolf of Wall Street, or to Incept his other characters into the power houses that they are.

LCW Props

LCW Special Web PicI have a tendency to miss happy hour specials (and McDonalds breakfast specials), but one special that never has a time limit is at LCW Props!

LCW Special Web Pic 2Their ‘This Month’s Specials’ menu always has something interesting and practical. So for all you bargain hunters out there (including the late ones like me) they’ve always got their specials on display on their website. Not to mention they’ve got many of their props inventoried and searchable on their website so check them out.

Not web savvy? Give them a face to face visit, and take a stroll down prop lane… but I highly recommend trying their website searches too. It’s like Neo and Trinity gearing up in the Matrix when isles of stuff zip past them like speeding trains. LCW Props’ search engine is kind of like that only with a Happy Hour/Month! I bet Neo and Trinity had to pay full price.

Website: www.lcwprops.com

Steven Enterprises

Steven Enterprises Display AdWe all know printers that are over the hill wait and wait to keel over until you need them most. Something about how they are raised instills the need to disrupt projects at an early age! Probably retaliation for being yelled at and having their power buttons pressed repeatedly over the course of their lives. Can you blame em? Because I sure can! Just print my paperwork, and posters now… please.

Steven Enterprises has the multifunction and wide format printers you may need… plus they won’t mess around. The best part is: when you need your printer most for some flyers or signs… and it dies (typical!), you can always rent a high quality one from Steven Enterprises.

They know how to operate within the industry, and will even give you a $50 gift card when you tell them Debbie’s Book sent you! So go on then! Tell them Debbies Book sent you!

Website: www.plotters.com

Consolidated Scenic Services

Consolidated Scenic Services Display AdConsolidated Scenic Services offers not only transportation for your props and sets, but storage AND drivers as well. Forget Uhaul, those guys are slackers; these guys perfectly cater to your vision’s needs, with experience to boot… or truck at least!

They also work directly with Upstage Parallels and Scenic Expressions, Inc. who further cover your platforms, sections, transportation and storage needs.

You could use any old crew to move and store your valuable set – which isn’t exactly replaceable and can not get damaged in the process of moving – or you could induct this rare breed of service into your production and get it done right, without flaw, every time.

Website: www.consolidatedscenicservices.com

Carving Ice

Carving Ice Outdoor PicHave you ever seen those chillingly beautiful ice sculptures? They are even more precious due to their fleeting lifespans. And of course Global Warming threatens their safety right off the carving block. Imagine if Global Warming didn’t exist, this amazing medium of sculpture could live a healthier and longer life!

2007_09-glacier-2At least one company shared in this philosophy. Carving Ice prepared an ice sculpture of a Glacier! An ice cube… within an ice cube! Brilliant!! This Exhibit was done at the Los Angeles County Fair to enlighten kids about melting Glaciers and reducing our environmental impact as individuals.

Ironically (but intentionally) their sculpted glacier never melted… FOR 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT! They take the birthing of ice sculptures to the next level by healing and restoring them with chilling equipment inside and ice additions out. Carving Ice has adapted to fit the TV / Film industries needs, and can keep your sculpture alive and kicking until the scene has long melted from your memory.

Website: www.carvingice.com

Hollywood Studio Gallery

Hollywood Studio Gallery Web PicSome walls are filled with deer and moose taxidermy heads, others with armor or certificates. Every interesting person can have a wall of dedication…. To maps, pictures, badges, or masks. I’d imagine mine is filled with trophies. And of course pictures of me, shaking presidents hands (or them shaking mine really dah’hling)!

What ever your wall needs, Hollywood Studio Gallery will fill it up! They’ve even got preset bulletin boards, and posters, and yes… artwork!

If your scene has a wall – it will need Hollywood Studio Gallery to christen it. Even a single or simple piece can completely transform a room… or butcher it – so get it done right, and give them a visit.

Website: www.hollywoodstudiogallery.com

A Surprise at Phillipe’s with Artistic Carnival & Circus Design

Pilippe Chester Cable & Wini McKay 1I was in downtown LA grabbing my favorite sandwich at Phillippe’s. Went in the back for a seat while flapping my jaw over its juiciness when a picture of Chester Cable from Artistic Carnival & Circus Design appeared out of no-where!

Pilippe Chester Cable & Wini McKay 2He was juggling the hell out of a massive table… with his feet! Immediately I gave him a call. Apparently he has the Guinness world record for what I can only describe as juggling a table. I looked at my table, at my feet, thought about trying it myself – and sat down to eat my French dip sandwich instead, all that foot juggling made me dizzy and gave me noodle knees.

Pilippe Chester CablePilippe Wini McKay

I also managed to find a video of him performing this stunt (and earning the world record):

L. Wilmington & Co.

L Wilmington & Co Web LogoWhether it’s a class ring, a wedding band or a sophisticated prop ring – we always choose jewelry that has some kind of seeded meaning to us. My high school’s colors were blue and gold, but for my class ring I went with an Emerald stone because it’s my birthstone (plus green is much cooler than blue, obviously).

The folks over at L. Wilmington & Co. understand the pricelessness of these sentimental gems, and the the inadvertent pricey-ness too. That’s why they offer copies and custom ring designs! So if you have a favorite piece of jewelry, or are always afraid of losing your wedding ring in your pocket when you go to Vegas… then get it copied just in case! Because nobody likes sleeping on the couch.

Website: www.lwilmington.com

RDD U.S.A. Inc.

RDD USA Display AdNot only can you pick up genuine military surplus at RDD U.S.A. Inc. but you can get it for dirt cheap… even when it’s specifically designed to repel things like dirt!

Their gear is rugged, the clothes solid, and it was all once made for our men and women in uniform. They made too many of those uniforms and now it’s available for us to buy!

They’ve also got police gear and security gear, plus clothes and uniforms (which isn’t cheap at all until its surplus). You think your Diesel jeans are expensive… try to buy a police short sleeve shirt before it’s surplus and it might cost you double.

The prices are low, the quality is high. You have nothing to lose. if you’ve never shopped surplus, give RDD U.S.A. Inc a shot – or – they are a military surplus store after all, maybe they’ll give you a shot!

Website: www.rddusa.com