Norbert’s Athletic Products

Norberts Web LogoThe expression “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” is something we all hope to never say. Thankfully at Norbert’s Athletic Products, they’ve been preventing the phrase for 30 years… or at least their landing pads and mats have.

Founder Norbert Dill was a Champion Gymnast and has brought his expertise, experience, and attention to detail with him. From mats and floors to training devices and landing pads, your stuntmen will always get back up. Not only that but the piece of mind keeps their flips tight and anything else acting oriented in the forefront of their mind – instead of bracing for the landing!

Yoga pros, cheer squads, and gymnast’s have been using their beams, bars, and flexi rolls for decades… but kick boxers, vaulters and stuntmen have been eating shiitake mushrooms on them as well, and they are proven effective!


Sony Pictures Studios-Prop House (Off Lot)

Blacklist Sony LogoIf you’ve heard of Sony Pictures Studios, you’ve probably heard of their hit TV show Blacklist – and if you haven’t heard of Sony Pictures, you may have found this blog by mistake and it’s your first time on what we call “The Internet.” Welcome! And yes, everything you read on said “Internet” is true. I know, crazy huh?

In the show Blacklist criminal mastermind Red Redding twists the countries crime fighting agents to do his bidding using his cunning and influence. It is one of those dramas that reveal, in this case, Sony Pictures’ incredible resources as a studio, which is nothing new. I really like Blacklist is my point.

The wonderful thing about studio prop houses is that you can come across what is quickly becoming a century’s worth of cinematic history, and then proceed to rent it. A couple of years ago Sony moved their Prop House to Culver City, conveniently right off of the freeway. Friendly staff, a great drapery department in the back and costuming right around the corner, and a long list of prop rentals are awaiting you there.

Be like Red Redding and take advantage of the resources available to you at Sony Pictures Studios for the betterment of the world.

Yes… that’s it… the betterment of the wooooorld.


The Village Art Project

Village Art Project Video PicI have taken many art classes; throwing paint, gourd art pottery, and more – and I must say one of my favorites is the pottery. The guys over at The Village Art Project could be considered their own mini academy of art. A House of Medici, if you will, only for pottery!

They can teach a child to create these masterpieces (and they do), so of course they can teach anyone! Though this place is not a regular babysitter attraction – they’ve got a professional glazing process and excellent instruction.

From big-screen-worthy to a flowerpot in your own home (in the back because it was your first) everyone’s life and spirit will be enriched by a visit to The Village Art Project.


D’ziner Signs Co

dziner sing web logoLabeling and signage often go unappreciated and unnoticed when done ineffectively. How often do you see a truck on the freeway with a phone number on it, and actually are enticed to remember it? Once a year maybe for me!

D’ziner Signs Co belongs in prison for how many eye-kidnappings they’ve caused! Eye-nappers if you will. They label your vehicle, windows, monument, sidewalk, and buildings… bringing names and logos to the public for over 30 years. Improving all the while in technique and equipment. They also do props and of course custom sign fabrication of your signage needs… on almost any medium. Just give them the signal, and they’ll give you a sign.


Memorial Day – Remembering Our Heroes

VA PlacardThough when and where the first Memorial Day is said to have occurred is debatable, the why has always been clear.

The act of remembering the fallen soldiers who defend our country is something that our country has always held dear. Placing flowers on fallen veterans’ graves is a great start, but we have so many veterans who need support from their country now.

I’m not one for pushing agendas but I believe it is a good time to think about your local VA hospital. We as a country are not following through with our promises to them and their families, and that isn’t fair.

There is always something that can be done to help so on this holiday take a part of that break from work to see if you can fit in somewhere in that help.

antiquefabric Web HeaderOwning a company like Debbies Book Inc. I have a particular appreciation for any website with a well organized website such as They also have a seam-ingly endless inventory of antique and collectable fabrics too! Once your favorite color, pattern, or texture medium is searched, you will see a picture of each AND a ruler for scale!

Anyway, you could spend an everlasting eternity scouring the internet for what you want, or 30 sec on their website – depending on your typed ‘words per min.’ Putting me at about 1 second flat per search *brushes shoulder off* …and realizes I found the perfect fabric for this shirt, at *brushes shoulder off* …and realizes I found the perf…. Sorry it was too tempting!!

Anyway, their list of antique fabrics really go on forever, that’s how many they’ve got, and I wasn’t joking about the excellence of their online inventory searches. It’s actually quite painless.


North Hollywood Hardware

North Hollywood Hardware Web LogoIs your rigging department running out of something? North Hollywood Hardware is literally the hardware store for the TV / Film industry. While, yes, they cover all of your basic hardware needs, they specifically cater to stage and studio supply needs!

North Hollywood Hardware is one of those companies that gets the industry. Being born and raised in Hollywood (for 30 years) they have been forged in the heat of the big screens’ needs.

Right near Laurel Canyon and Ventura (if you don’t know the spot, you’re probably not in the industry) their expertise, inventory, and location are too good to pass up! So when you run out of supplies, run out – to North Hollywood Hardware.


AAA Flag & Banner

aaa web logoThe trick to many Large Format Printing companies lies not only in the quality of their work, but in the range of surfaces they can work their magic on. AAA Flag & Banner have mastered the craft of design on cotton, nylons, and other cloths. And the quality is top par as well!

Their in-stock inventory is vast, including many countries flags, advertisement flags and banners, even poles and the more obscure accessories. So if you need to Welcome the Grand Opening of your New Home’s Open house for an Antiques sale – and hang it too – they have what you need. If you need an advertisement that is 5 stories tall and plastered to the side of a building, they’ve got you covered too.

With consultation, design services, and fabrication AAA Flag & Banner is a great spot place your banner, and buy it too!



Kilogram Exterior ShotIt can be difficult to weigh out which company is best to shop for scales, but don’t judge a company by it’s cover. The scales over at Kilogram seem to lean toward their own – but that could be because they rigged em! All kidding aside Kilogram specializes in antique and contemporary scales for all purposes, and they are all well hidden in a house.

Industrial, mail room, arcade, or meat, they have the authentic and antique scales to make your scene accurate. And with so many to chose from, you can get the perfect time frame of scale, in a variety of models!

So whether you’re weighing fruits, patients, lab substances, or the decision on where to buy one – just get your scale from Kilogram!

SDSA Annual Awards Luncheon 2014

SDSA # 3 2014There have been some wonderful Set Decorators’ Society of America gatherings, but this years annual SDSA Awards Luncheon was certainly one of my favorites. The event took place in the beautiful (and historic) Millennium Biltmore Hotel’s Crystal Ballroom.

SDSA # 4 2014As any good party should, it was launched off with a friendly cocktail greeting as people milled around this years well-stocked silent auction. The auction had a wide array of artwork to choose from and benefited Inner City Arts, a unique and undeniably important organization that creates a safe space for underprivileged youth to dabble with their creative side.

SDSA # 1 2014An hour in everyone was ushered into the glamorous ballroom where the delicious eats were then served. As with many of these events, a fun raffle was peppered through the afternoons festivities as awards were given out and smiles were shared by all, along with the sharing of memories for those who have passed this last year.

The festive day was topped off with the presentation of the Earl Cooperman Lifetime Achievement Award to the very talented Donald Elmblad.

Thank you SDSA for an incredibly successful event!