Hollywood Studio Gallery

One never knows what treasures they might find or who you might run into at Hollywood Studio Gallery. Yesterday I spotted a Daryn-Reid Goodall in-between the picture frames.

Daryn-Reid GoodallNow I’m afraid I knew Daryn long before he became Mr. Set Decorator Extraordinaire. This would be before he was dressing such shows as Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up!, Party Down, Castle and one of my favorites MADtv.

I knew him when we were both working in old theater. We first met at a little piece of theater down off of MacArthur Park doing something you won’t ever see on an IMDB page; “Tony & Tina’s Wedding”. That doesn’t mean memories weren’t made.

Ahh the good ol’ days, from who could get the best deal to plenty of other stories, many of which aren’t exactly publishable/legal.

( •_•)>⌐■-■


I often browse YouTube for funny clips that are short enough to enjoy without getting in the way of work (too much). That quick punch to the funny bone, 3 times a day, keeps the doctor away… unless you’re actually aiming for my funny bone, then please don’t punch it. Seriously, don’t. Thank you. There is really no reason to be so aggressive, go watch a YouTube video and come back. Preferably one with a cute kitten.

The guys over at AnimatronicBear.com create the greatest walkaround characters. In fact if you can think of your favorite commercial with a bear running around in it, these guys were probably responsible. You really must check their videos here. The writers may have created those jokes, but the bear and actor inside it really made all their work hilarious!

Website: www.animatronicbear.com

Brewery Artwalk Association

Brewery #1If you missed it this year (it was April 26 & 27) make sure to keep the end of April next year free. Just off of the 5 Freeway over on Main St The Brewery Artwalk was definitely something else! Functional art, photography, paintings, videos, sculpture, fashion & costumes, installation art, and a LOT more were up for viewing. For free no less!dalek.gifa

There were a lot of pieces bursting with creativity, but one of my favorite artists by far was Kevin Flint. He has a wonderful piece with an omnipotent hand flicking people into a pile. On his website I found this functional coffee thermus on the right in the style of a Dalek (for all those Whovians I know are out there).

Brewery #2Every space is rented out to artists throughout the year. This artwalk gives them a chance to show locals what they are made of. Many even live in their spaces! Our very own Sculpture by Bruce Gray was also present. He was showing off some of his many pieces in one of the rooms.

The only thing they are brewing over there is creativity, but it all goes down smooth.

Websites: www.breweryartwalk.com



Cornwell & Sheridan Picture Vehicles

Cornwell & Sheridan Display AdIt’s rare to find a picture car company that will give you examples of what each car is actually popular for. Cornwell & Sheridan Picture Vehicles keeps you in the know about their inventory. If the car is intended for that classic gangster scene or perhaps a typical Playboy/Millionaire music video they know. Each vehicle comes with recommendations based on prior use and historical reference.

Another wonderful thing about Cornwell & Sheridan’s stock is that these period picture cars are genuine models. I personally like the sleek and exotic 1938 Bentley Sedan (which I shall own once I win the lottery, soon). And don’t forget, they’ve got motorcycles, planes, foreign and domestic vehicles all intended for industry renting (and perhaps the obligatory joy ride to make sure the car runs smoothly).

Website: www.old-cars.net

Amusement Svcs/Candyland Amusements hits Coachella!

Coachella-2013-Live-Stream-Channel-1Think carnivals are a thing of the past? I don’t! Nowhere else can you eat cotton candy… in public, spin around on barbarically fast contraptions, anonymously throw-up on some unsuspecting passer-by… all while in an escape pod with an operator as your get-away driver! Carnivals really are an enchanting place.

contrast betw - modern cochla n old cndlynd - coachella2014-676x397Coachella 2014 is place most known for it’s thriving musical landscape, yet there prowls in the shadows a fleet of planners and designers with a hunger for merit-to-come.

Neon Carnival and Bolthouse Productions elected Amusement Svcs/Candyland Amusements to supply the main carnival rides, operators, and all the games for Coachella 2014. After working non-stop to strike-up, run, pack-up then transport their equipment.images (1)

Coachella surpassed the term “Wild” thanks to them (I’m sure the musicians helped a little bit too). Plus, a couple of celebrities such as Jared Leto, Steven Tyler and Emile Hirsch were even spotted playing their games.

Web: www.candylandamusements.com

Earth Day on the Warner Bros Lot

Warners Earth Day # 2Warner Bros Earth Day Pic #1I swung by the Warner Brother‘s lot yesterday dropping off our new books. One of the first things I noticed was that there was quite a commotion over by the Warner Bros Commissary. My first instinct was, of course, that there was a shoot. But lo and behold it was actually a full blown farmers market, right in the heart of the lot!

Dozens of vendors populated the space. There were stands for handmade candles, nut and fruit mixes, fresh food, health elixirs, and all manner of other wonderful Earth Day related goodness.

Warners Earth Day #3A raffle for some snappy new bikes and stands for artificial turf were a couple of my favorites. Sustainability is important in this [slowly] changing world.

Website: www.wbsf.com


Hollywood Gym Rentals

Hollywood Gym Rentals treadmillsMany people imagine that once they grow up their house / mansion / palace with a personal zoo will have at least 1 room for every single thing they could possibly want to do. One is obviously a movie theater, another filled with panthers and/or jungle plants, and of course a spa with steam rooms and massive bath tubs, maybe an indoor basketball court next to the Bentley garage…

Hollywood Gym Rentals weightsMaybe we can’t all have the basketball court inside, but we can certainly have a personal gym with the right fitness equipment. The guys at Hollywood Gym Rentals obviously do rentals, but they also sell and have fitness consultants to help you start. Whether it is a small home gym or a new fitness center their inventory and know-how can help you dress a scene or simply make your dream come true.

Hollywood Gym Rentals handlebarsThe biggest struggle is getting the right machines. Many look good, but don’t cover the areas you need to work on! This is why their consulting is so useful so you don’t get a bunch of junk. Oh, and they assemble, disassemble and move it for you too.

You don’t want to workout TOO hard now do you?

Website: www.hollywoodgymrentals.com

Upstage Parallels

Upstage Parallel Display AdIn high school we used wooden blocks to stack and hold orchestras or actors for plays… similar to Legos, or Linkin Logs. People fell, we all laughed, audiences cheer harder, it was all good fun!

However, at some point in performing arts every part of the industry becomes more professional, and more importantly, more safe (thankfully). Upstage Parallels – having staged for the Emmys, Grammys, Academy awards and American Idol – is the definition of professional. Olympus Has Fallen might not have fallen… and it might not have rained cats-n-dogs at that pet grooming contest if they had simply had Upstage Parallels under them!

So if you remember hoping you didn’t get the wobbly booster, or if to this day you always do the orangutan-bounce-test on temporary stages before committing your weight because of traumatic wobbler experiences… come to Upstage Parallels for piece of mind. They can provide you with steel deck, multistage, folding parallels, and so much more.

If competitors on Dancing With The Stars can dance on them without fail, it means anyone can!

Website: www.upstagerentals.com

ZG04 DÉCOR Grand Opening Party

ZG204 # 1Need umbrellas to match the fabric on those outdoor chairs and tables for your special event? No problem. Perhaps you need some interior and exterior lighting with a new look. That will should also be no problem, trust me.

ZG04 DÉCOR   has opened up their 12,000 sq ft showroom of fresh and unique décor. It’s a one stop shop for event and production designers who are looking for a fresh take on tables, chairs and sofas. With multiples no less! Their launch party last night brought quite the crowd as they put on display their quickly growing inventory. Their prop rental selection is picking up the pace too!ZG204 #2

Not only do you have choices in fabric and furniture with multiplies but they are partnered with a very experienced lighting design company. This makes it all the more easier to wrap up your event under one roof.

ZG204 # 3For seasoned decorators you might be familiar with their location, it was one of Art Déco L.A.’s first homes. Some of you might also remember Zeitgeist Design & Props, Klaus Hasmann’s original Prop House in the early 2000’s. It’s nice to know an extremely experienced set decorator and event production designer is picking out the items.

Their website is still being put together so I guess you’ll have to just stop and and see the space for yourself!

Website: www.zg04decor.com

Plush Home

Plush-Home-by-Nina-PetronzioFor those who have seen Hyde Park on the Hudson you know that the Roosevelt’s furnished their homes with utter elegance. And if you’ve visited their home, or any of their Vanderbilt neighbors in upstate NY, you know what a wonder their interiors can be.

If the Roosevelt’s or the Vanderbilt’s traveled through time to today, they might very well shop over at Plush Home. They are the modern version of that welcoming home furniture with very high-end craftsmanship.

It’s refreshing to have a company that still hand assembles every piece they sell. From start to finish talented hands put them together, offering many custom furniture pieces built to taste. Their furniture is used by interior designers, celebrities, hoteliers and more.

Need more than the tables and chairs? They also offer additional services such as interior design, kitchen and bath renovations, furniture restoration among consultation and others.

Website: www.plushhome.com