Arcade Amusements

Arcade Amusements Display AdHave you ever been to the Pak Mann arcade on Allen Ave. in Pasadena? Maybe you had a favorite one of your own… we all remember that rush of sound and magic that comes over you when you finally get to walk into your arcade. Arcade Amusements still has these relics of adventure and wonder!

They rent their interactive games and arcade equipment for events. And for one party, or one week, or one production you can revisit those good ol’ days for your final hurrah, or as often as you choose.

Cyber cafes may have Monsanto’ed these classic arcades, but here stands the resistance – and they plan to stick around!


Oregon Shakespeare Festival Costume Rentals Moves to New Facility

OSF new warehouse overviewThe new Production Department Building for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Talent, OR, completed construction in late October 2013. On November 19th, OSF Costume Rentals started the monumental task of moving their stock of over 50,000 costume pieces from a rented warehouse in Ashland, OR, their home of almost ten years, six miles down the road to their brand new state of the art facility. The improvements are undeniable, going from about 8,000 square feet to just over 11,000, customized rack systems for hanging costumes, climate control, even floors, a window, and the fact that the new facility isn’t a converted lumber mill (the former facility was a space in the old Parson’s Pine mill building).

OSF new warehouse wall of bootsAccording to the staff, despite trepidation about the amount of work the move would be, things went off with barely a hitch. Even with freezing temperatures, rain, snow and barely passable icy roads, the six week move completed on schedule. A crew of eight, working a total of 1284 hours, moved 180 racks of hanging costumes, 87 bins of flat fold clothing, 292 containers of accessories, 50 boxes of dress shoes, 52 boxes of boots and 139 bins of specialty shoes and boots.

OSF Costume Rentals is open again and ready for new rentals. You should check out their own website for more information and to view the gallery of their stellar costume collection.


Jurassic World Upcoming Casting Calls

jurassic_world_posterIf you happen to live in New Orleans or Kaua’i, this weekend you are in for a fun opportunity!

Ebb Tide Productions is looking for extras for the upcoming filming of the movie Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4). They need men, women, and children of all ages to help inhabit “international scenes” of the film.

If you’re going to give it a go make sure you are well practiced in your, “Oh my goodness gracious a dinosaur just ate my neighbor,” face along with my favorite, “I’m shopping at my local grocery store and have no idea a dinosaur has just eaten my neighbor, but this is a really good price for eggplant considering the time of year,” face.

Casting Call Info:

New Orleans, Louisiana:
Where – Grace King High School Cafeteria
When – March 29 & 30, starting before 12-6pm (arrive early)
More Information
Kaua’i, Hawaii:
Where – Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center
When – March 30, 10:30am-3:30pm
More Information

Design Mix Furniture – Sideboard Sale

Design Mix Furniture Display AdWell March just may be your lucky month if you’re into sideboards and saving money because Design Mix Furniture is having a %20 off sale on them right now (Promo Code: sideboard).

Not only do the owners at Design Mix Furniture personally select antiquities, architectural elements, and garden pieces, but they do custom projects as well. Their salvaged materials often have features that can create fabulous works of art!

Whether it’s for the garden, the interior, or the porch I just know there are at least 1 or 2 pieces you’ll find in here that you could base an entire scene off of! Check them out now, their website is pretty cool too (especially if you have a mouse with a side-wheel… you’ll understand when you get there!)


Action Sets & Props/Wonderworks

Wonderworks Display AdThe folks over at Action Sets & Props / Wonderworks have invented an ingenious way to breed super-human giants! Ok, ok they actually make miniatures for set… but the quality is so high that you can’t decipher the difference between the sets and real buildings.

One of their undeniable specialties is also their large collection of NASA Dressing. All manner of spaceship, real and imaginative, are available for rent. Plus, if they somehow don’t have it, prop design & manufacturing are also their specialty!

So if you need a pillaging Godzilla, or a nuke destroying a city, tone it down – in size – and make the rest of your effects even better by ease of both editing and size of the special effects in the scene, by shrinking the entire set!

You could put one in your garden and blow your neighbors mind, and then blow it up! Or simply have that building you need for the shot exist outside digital supplementation, and place the real deal in the background. I still prefer blowing it up though.


Diane von Furstenberg’s “Journey of a Dress” Exhibition

DVF Journey of a Dress Pic 3This weekend I had an opportunity to visit Diane von Furstenberg’s Journey of a Dress Exhibition with a close friend, and it was quite a treat.

DVF Journey of a Dress Pic 4The purpose of the exhibit is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the elegant wrap dress focusing on a retrospective of vintage and contemporary Diane von Furstenberg’s wraps over the years. Line after line of different styles, colors, and a break down of their influences over the decades are on display.

DVF Journey of a Dress Pic 2Alongside all of these physical dresses are stills from some of Hollywood’s biggest flicks such as Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver and Amy Adams in American Hustle (pictured right). It’s easy to lose sight of the significance of wardrobe and costuming in The Industry and refreshing to be reminded of it with museum-like display’s and examples.

The exhibit itself was opened to the public January 11th and will stay open for another month or so. Go and check it out before it closes May 1st!


Sandy Rose Floral, Inc

Sandy Rose logoThere are florists and then there are TV/Film florists. What’s the difference you ask? An industry florist specializes in keeping those floral arrangements fresh, and free-standing for the entire shoot. This is instead of the droopy and saggy flowers you get when you place the wrong floral arrangements under hot lights. That is exactly what you don’t want when a 2 second difference in a scene was shot a full day apart.

Sandy Rose Floral, Inc will get you those professional flowers for any occasion, and she will keep them strictly in line as if they were soldiers at attention! …In fact, if you were to create a movie with soldier flowers you’d come here for the entire cast of actors (and head to one of those infamous dispensaries in WeHo for the script, you know the ones I’m talking about).

There is supplying flowers, then there is tending to them. Sandy Rose Floral keeps your stems strong, and your petals bright.


Happy International Day of Happiness

UN LogoIn 2012 the 66th General Assembly of the UN stated that all member states should:

“…observe the International Day of Happiness in an appropriate manner, including through education and public awareness-raising activities…”

So why don’t we stop for a second, take a deep breath, and remember where we are in life. Remember how fortunate it is to be in a place where creative works have a space to flourish. Film, television, theatre and more are available to all of us.

It can be hard to take a minute to and reflect with the times changing so rapidly around us. It is easy to lose sight of the opportunity many of us have had along with the exciting future that is beautifully unpredictable.

Buy a sandwich for that homeless man outside the coffee shop, call your family and friends to just say hi, and smile to a stranger.

It’s also important to remember that today isn’t the only day you have to do it too.

Assembly Bill 1839 Officially Introduced

FILM_WORKS_LOGO_COLOR_CALIFORNIA_WEBSITE_BACKGROUND844351Today Film Works announced that two California State Assemblymembers have  introduced their bill to expand California’s film and television tax credits. The bill will affect the California Film and Television Job Retention and Promotion Act, taking steps to give greater incentives for filming to be done in the state.

Along with additional tax credits an expansion of who is eligible to take advantage of them is also in the bill. Streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix will be treated the same with their 1 hour television series’ as any cable or broadcast company would be. Additionally pilots will now be eligible to apply to the program.

It is important that these incentives are still sustainable for the state as a whole. The co-authors believe they have found a happy median between what job seekers in California need and what the state can afford to credit.

The Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media will review the submitted bill on March 25th.


Books for Libraries

bfl_logoBooks for Libraries Inc. was created initially as a resource for obtaining books and collection consultation for libraries. They even began to supply academic libraries and they’re ever present shelving to schools.

bookshelvesThis experience means the collections they supply are just what your next project needs – for whatever field that may be – which makes them a perfect resource for a set which needs that authentic look.

Located on both coasts, they are excellent for personal libraries too. If you’re missing a specific collection or piece of literature, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, Books for Libraries should be your first stop.