Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven

Misc_CategoriesThere are many Disney movies which I can fantasize are actual locations, like Aladdin or Cinderella (which, by they way, are all meticulously drawn as historically accurate of their time and place as far as I can tell). At Lennie Marvin Enterprises / Prop Heaven you can find complete scenes straight out of a fantasy like these, all ready to be picked up as one piece and taken to dress a set.

Check out their Asian section, you will feel as though the Disney movie Mulan has come to life! I almost demanded dumplings, and Cantonese roast duck with a dipping sauce… mmm. Their genuine looking artificial food props have made me so hungry I think I will go eat Chinese instead of finishing writing thi…

Website: www.propheaven.com

Cardinal Church Furniture

Cardinal Church Altar & Candle HolderCardinal Church Furniture has so much holy furniture and carpeting, they install it without making holes in your set, deliver and build it without burning holes in your wallet… and your local priest would demand a dozen hail marries if you mistakenly called them a hole-in-the-wall! Quality is of utmost importance to them and they offer an array of styles from modern and practical to fancy and high-end.

Cardinal Church Pew UpholsteryThey have many colors of upholstery and cushions to furnish or recondition any pew, and are experts at the installation. Their platforms, altars, and baptismal fonts just scream your majesty on first sight. I must commend their success in such genuine church dressing and fabrication.

Need to know how to make something “churchy” to begin with? Well like any good expert consultancy is available too!

Website: www.cardinalchurchfurniture.com

Events by Party On! Rentals

Events by Party On Web LogoTo your entire event they are the equivalent of what caterers are to merely your diner. Events by Party On! Rentals has your event fully covered, and I’m not talking about just with canopies and heat lamps – consider your place set, and not just the tables… which they will give you as well. I’d personally like to try their white wood chairs, French vanilla linens, and top it with beige umbrellas with the yellow trim table dressing for my next par-tay.

Whatever combination you like, they’ll make it happen. If your event simply must appease the elites you’ve fought to thrive amongst, they have the extravagance you need. They even do bounce houses and other inflatables if the red carpeters happen to be your kids in all their screaming birthday glory.

Kick start your party right with the foundation of their hosting abilities. All their sets are so interchangeable and customizable that there really is something for every gathering. One of the most important pieces of information about them, they deliver and pickup (phew!).

Website: www.eventsbypartyonrentals.com 


BHC Crane LLC Display AdCrafting the perfect faux cabin wall for forest scene $1,350 – Hauling it up St. Angeles Crest to Location for shoot $(no clue on cost, you’d think I knew these things) – Being able to lift it on top of the hill once there: Priceless!

BHC Crane can rent you any caliber of crane… they even rent you the operator – to operate the crane, so don’t get any ideas (this isn’t Vegas). We’ve all gotten our move on for props, now you know who provides the lift.

On a side note, if you need a large open lot for a scene like a junkyard or something similar they are also a wonderful 3 acre location!

Website: www.bhccrane.com

Cuddly Toys, Mfg

Does the main kid have a personality trait that need not be explained in the script. You can describe all manner of personalities by their possessions. Maybe you want an eerie bunny, or a simple stuffed rhino… and throughout the movie it’s going to be run over, lost, rained on, set on fire, and if I had it my way – exploded too!

You might want multiples of such a toy, and you might want some pros to provide it. Cuddly Toys, Mfg is there for you, to cuddle with – no not the employees – I mean their inventions. Jeez you have a weird mind. Anyways call me weird for liking them…

I know I should have grown out of that phase long ago. But stuffed animals are like pillows with personalities, and did I mention they are a perfect gift?!?


International Printing Museum

ipm_header_banner_award_02From hand made paper, to the actual printing machines. Do you know how to fabricate a printing press from an exact year for a historical piece… cause I certainly don’t!

There’s always that one critic that’ll throw the book at you for historical inaccuracies, but if you throw your feature’s book authentically; they can’t! And International Printing Museum provides that piece of mind.

Both creating literature, and helping prevent volleys of heat-seeking flying books! … Ouch – so avoid the pain and check em’ out *. I mean it, you can check the stuff out for your production.

* (You should also support your local libraries and check books out there too. They are an underutilized and quickly depleting resource that once it’s gone it will be hard to bring back.)

Website: www.printmuseum.org

The Alpha Companies

Alpha Companies Web LogoMy first impression of many prop houses seems to hit hardest immediately after I see their mock sets (you know, the fully set up arrangements that could be used as is for a fully dressed set). Everyone’s got em’ but I’ve never seen as many as there are at Alpha Companies. They seem to have every kind! Fully set up crime labs, conference rooms, even courthouses and birthing rooms. How re-birth-ulous… it’s truly the precedent of this new style of prearranged props.

Just as they rent out full set dressing, they search – outside the country even – for their wide array of furniture and props… so you’re sure to find diversity as refreshing as I’m sure their travels to find them are. They’re all so unique it’s like buying Legos, everyone buys the coolest sets, then switches a couple configurations to make it their own.

Many places will build a set for you, but Alpha likely already made it! Besides, seeing everything laid out together with naturally similar characteristics allows for the ease of swapping its interchangeable parts. That way you can take their idea and twist it perfectly, it makes shopping for props fun again!

Website: www.alphaprops.com

Financial Technology Solutions International

FTSI Web LogoOne of the joys of running Debbies Book is finding hard-to-come-by suppliers and sharing them with you. Financial Technology Solutions International (FTSI) is one such supplier.

A call to FTSI will get you ATM machines, teller cash recyclers, interactive tellers, video surveillance equipment, and consumables such as fee decals and ATM paper. Perfect for that bank set you need to dress.

Now if only you could rig that ATM to spew out real cash…

Website: www.ftsius.com

New Mexico Lighting & Grip Company

NMLGC Web Logo‘Let there be light,’ and with New Mexico Lighting & Grip, it was so… or at least in the movie version.

From set lighting to blue screens & green screens, expendables and scaffolding, New Mexico Lighting & Grip’s 25,000-square-foot warehouse holds a huge inventory of stage and location equipment. They also serve productions nationwide with their online inventory. Check out the website; browse the inventory; and request quotes for what you need. Yep, they make it that easy!

Website: www.nmlgc.com

President’s Day – The Most Popular of Holidays!

One of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, Presidents Day is a time to… not be able to mail a package or swing by the bank. Perhaps it’s time we try to make it a little more fun than just a way to delay some minor chores.

Getts-website-banner-11314Of course you will have to start off with a classic presidential wig, and perhaps some colonial period clothing and furniture to set the scene. I for one may even check out American Duchess Company for some shoes that would fit the time period but were made to fit properly.

tn_1200_ceramic_tower.jpgOnce everything is together we can set off some pyrotechnics (I’m a real sucker for fireworks) and eat some BBQ.

Who knows, maybe together we can truly celebrate Presidents Day the way our Founding Fathers wanted us to. At the very least we will have an excuse to use some vintage beer taps I found at California Beverage.

Websites: www.american-duchess.com & www.californiabev.com