Aaah Inspiring Balloons

Aah-Inspiring ElvisDo you remember your high school prom, maybe an important graduation. Do you remember the massive balloon pillars and designs? Well Aah-Inspiring Balloons does it even better! From Elvis or pirates, to palm trees or lighted pedestals, there seems to be nothing these guys can’t cater to. Their arches and designs are used all over the TV / Film  and event industries, and we’re all waiting for the day they say: Aah-Inspiring Pool-Tree-Arch“Oh no we can’t make that,” but it could be a while.

I remember the first time I saw a man tie a balloon into a dog in front of me, and wondering how he did it. Aah-Inspiring Balloons is like that – times a thousand.


115 Year Old Electric Porsche vs American Buggy

LA Times Photo of P1I stumbled across an LA Times article today about Porsche’s very first electrical car model, the P1, which was built in 1898. I could not help myself in comparing what was essentially a car long before it’s time from Germany with what was being driven (or should I say, ridden) around the United States.

HFH BuggyHistory for Hire has some American horse-drawn buggies from around the same period. Though their popularity waned as the automobile gained popularity, there is a reason cars lost their appeal allowing Buggies to come back into fashion. The Depression (among other factors) pushed the price of gasoline so high many could no longer afford to drive the automobiles they owned.

It’s a pity electric cars such as the Porsche P1 lost out to gasoline powered vehicles when they did. However, remember that when the infamous poop hits the metaphorical fan, while gasoline AND electricity are out of reach, History for Hire has a couple of horse drawn buggies to rent.


DeRouchey Foam

DeroFoam Web LogoI’m always amazed by what can be done with a simple product in the hands of creative people. Take the talented folks at DeRouchey Foam, for instance. They take foam and recreate a designer’s vision in 3D.Spray Foam

I’m sure the folks at DeRouchey Foam have sat in on some pretty wacky creative meetings. I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of those. I can hear it now: ‘Ok… It’s gotta look gooey but not in an oozing way… kind of real, but yet surreal… and huge… and by the way, it’s gotta be…’ Well, you get my drift.

HardcoatingIf you have the abilities yourself you can also purchase their materials and create your own pieces. They also rent out workspace so you can get your materials, use them, let it set (if it even needs to) and then take it off to production!

Whatever the creative challenge is, DeRouchery Foam’s 35 years in the business tells me that they can deliver. Speaking of which, they can do that too. Deliver I mean.


Android App is Here!

Ever since the release of the iPhone app there has been a growing chant for an Android version. After a lot of hard work it’s here!

Android plus DBOf course, before you ask, yes it’s free. Making a user account is easier than ever (brought it down to the very basic questions) and then you are good to go! I’ve also better streamlined the syncing with the website when you use our tools. PLUS, most exciting of all, you get live turn by turn directions from the app! No longer do you need to keep glancing at the phone for each new direction!

So please take the new app out for a spin and let me know what you think. It’s going to be an exciting 2014!

PCPA Hosts USITT Mini-Conference

citttrnI want to send out a special thank you to Brian Reed, Tim Hogan, Jeff Allen, Mike Dempsey, Libby Appel, and the students of Allan Hancock College for this year’s California USITT mini-conference.

IMG_0098The afternoon started off with an inspiring speech by Libby Appel who made the convincing argument not just of the need for art but the immutable place it has within every society. She touted the relevancy, endurance and lasting effects expressive art has on the way we remember the past, view our present, and look to the future.

DSCN0097 copyThe speech was then followed by tours of the PCPA campus, resume and portfolio reviews, and a student design and production exhibit competition. There was also a jobs and careers fair where the Kingsman Shakespeare Company, New Rule FX, Rose Brand, Debbies Book and a few others were available to answer any and all of the attendees questions.

It was quite a bit of fun to mill around and I look forward next year!

SDSA General Membership Meeting @ Warner Bros. Property Department

SDSA #7 Warner 1:23:14The loading dock was a buzz with vendors and decorators for the first SDSA General Membership meeting of 2014 this Thursday night.

Robert Greenfield and Amy Hilker again managed to host an opening party that will be hard to top.

SDSA #2 Warner 1:23:14The cocktails and hors d’Oeuvres were yummy and ‘The Collection’ at Warner Bros Property was awesome. If you haven’t yet you must come over and really spend some time viewing all the changes they have added to their available stock.

SDSA #1 Warner 1:23:14On the same note, the Drapery Department is a real treat. This quick snapshot I took really doesn’t do it justice, but the new organizational changes Robert has enacted are pretty sweet!

As always it was a real treat to say hello to fellow members, schmooze with some veteran Set Decorators and eat all the delicious eats.  Darn, it looks like kale and granola for another week now.


Delayed Blog’n

2014 COVERMy daily blogs have been a little sparce at the start of this year.

My little brother passed away a couple of days before Christmas and with no other relatives, the responsibility to clear things up has fallen to me (as well as inheriting 3 BIG German Shepherds).

Our new 26th Print/Printable Edition of Debbies Book will hit the street the first week in Feburary and I promise to resume my daily blog post in the next week too.

Thanks for all the wonderful blog feedback and for the kind words I have already received.


Platinum Restaurant Equipment

Platinum 1Ok, so you have driven by them a million times over on Lankershim. You may have even needed restaurant equipment when you did. The signs outside say “Platinum Restaurant Equipment“, but really, what’s so special.

Platinum 2Kim Leonard, buyer extraordinaire, called me one day and said ‘Deb you have got to go check out my Restaurant guys’. So I did.

Platinum 3OMG, they have such great stuff! To top it all off, they are as clean as a whistle too. Bakery items, cafeteria equipment, all manner of restaurant supplies, stoves, and display cases. They are a great resource for any food related scene that needs equipment.

You must check them out.

Kitsch N Sync

Kitsch N Sync Title LogoSometimes you just need an orange & gold belly dancing statue that’s over 1 foot in length. Other times you need something to “set the scene” as they call it such as a desk calculator from the 80’s.

At Kitsch N Sync you get that rare combination of a couple of experienced Art Director’s research tools AND their collection. They’ve got all manner of 70’s and 80’s items that take you back to a simpler, less internet based time.

Kitsch N Sync LogosTheir inventory is varied. Basic electronics, telephones, and cameras are available alongside toys, medical equipment, and even sculptures. Upon arrival your tastes will fall right in sync with Kitsch N Sync.


Happy New Year!


Fireworks are shooting off, sparkling wine bottles are popping, and a new year has begun. Now let’s see how long my resolution to avoid brownies will last.

A lot of changes are planned for this year. This includes the new 26th Edition of Debbies Book, free editions of our digital books, and the release of the Android version of our helpful iPhone App!

Keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be an exciting year.

It wasn’t long. Seriously, brownies are too delicious. Maybe next year I’ll pick carrots.