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HappyHolidaysLightsDebbies Book will be closed until the new year.

Enjoy the break. I know I will.

Of course, for all of the users out there, Christmas will be coming a little late this year.

I’m putting the 2014 book together!

Vitality Furniture

Vitality Furniture Display AdVitality Furniture, located on Pico near La Brea, is one of those secret gems you may have driven by every day and not noticed.

Vitality manufactures furniture for the hospitality industry and, to their great advantage, Vitality expertly designs and creates its custom furniture on-site. From the frames to finishing touches, upholstery and pillows, Vitality’s craftsmanship shows in the details. That’s why hotels, restaurants and design stores from Las Vegas to London call on Vitality to create a style that is fresh and exciting.

Vitality also rents its elegant furniture for events and staging. Next time, don’t drive by—stop in and see what Vitality has to offer.


Milt & Edie’s

Milt & Edies Cleaners Display AdYou can’t miss Milt & Edie’s at the corner of Pass and Alameda. That hot pink awning and signage are beacons to the faithful, who come with garments in hand, knowing that Milt & Edie’s Dry Cleaners will make those clothes clean, crisp and beautiful again.

How many dry cleaners do you know of that are 24/7—with tailors on hand to boot!? In this town, it’s just what we need. When you’ve ripped that jacket or that pair of pants you need for the interview or wardrobe change, it’s great to know that you can get a quick stitch-up at anytime or hour of the day… though I bet there are some interesting stories to tell about those 3 a.m. dry cleaning/tailoring emergencies!

Drop in with your next batch of dry cleaning. The atmosphere is friendly and the service unparalleled. Dog biscuits await your four-legged friends too. Ruby enjoyed hers. And the coffee/cappuccino/hot chocolate machine was just what I needed!


Pacific Floor Company

Pacific Flooring Display AdIf the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Sparks count on Pacific Floor Company for their portable basketball floors, it’s a safe bet that you can too. Gymnasium floors, dance floors, fitness floors or custom design wood floors, Pacific Floor Company provides both portable and permanent flooring. Repairing and refinishing is also part of the business.

Got an upcoming party, photo/film/video shoot, exhibition game? Pacific Floor Company’s delivery and complete set up service might be cause for your happy dance—on Pacific’s dance floor, of course.

Website: &

Phoenix Antiques Frames

Have you checked out Phoenix Antique Frames? They’ve got 18th-, 19th– and 20th-century picture frames—from ornate and gilded walnut to simple and beautiful arts and crafts tiger oak. You’ll most likely find the perfect frame to complement that special piece of artwork you’ve been storing. And if you don’t see exactly what you had in mind, Stephen and Sarah take special requests and will ship anywhere. Phoenix Antiques Frames also buys and sells vintage lighting.


Coast Recording Audio Props



JOE sits in the booth alone. He takes a long drag from his cigarette
and pulls the microphone close. The ON AIR sign lights up.

monk-webSo you need to set up a radio station; something that really looks and feels like the smallest station on the outskirts of the city. Well, Coast Recording Audio Props has just what you’re looking for—from On Air signs to DJ consoles to that hard-to-find record player. Of course, you’ll also find whatever you need for a recording studio—recording signs, foam walls, music stands and all.


lggrpFirst time I met Randy he was located in a warehouse in Monrovia, California. Deep in the back were rows and rows of motorcycles. Some went so deep that you had to climb up some stairs and squeeze by a couple of rows to see his inventory.

You would discover all kinds of motorcycles in MovieMoto’s collection. From the odd and unknown to the staples: Russian, Japanese, American, and British bikes. He had quite the collection! An even better bonus was that if you needed pairs or triplicates he most likely had the selection of multiples you would need.

Well that was several years ago, but his hobby and collection are still close to his heart. He’s now in a new building with plenty of space to easily view his 500 classic and exotic motorbikes.


Diamond Foam & Fabric

oAnd the Oscar for best fabric goes to… Diamond Foam & Fabric Co. Yes, with great linens, natural fibers, foam and more, Diamond Foam & Fabric has definite celebrity status in Hollywood.

Three buildings of floor-to-ceiling fabric means you’re pretty much guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for—designs from classic French to modern to retro, from muted tones to bold splashes of color. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or a pro, Diamond Foam & Fabric is one-stop shopping.


Arcade Amusements

SuperBikes1.jpg-nggid0265-ngg0dyn-200x120x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010Trade show booth. Corporate bash. Wrap party. Private shindig. Keep the event entertainment going with the arcade and video games everyone loves to play.

Vault-SnowBlastNokiaFrom San Diego to Las Vegas, Arcade Amusements rents classic arcade games and video games like Space Invaders and Pac Man, sports games like Wii Sports and electronic darts, and racing games like The Fast and the Furious and NASCAR, as well as Wii Rock Band, karaoke, Dance Dance Revolution and more.

So put your dance shoes on; keep your quarters in your pocket; and rev up the fun with Arcade Amusements.


Heaven or Las Vegas Neon

show_photoCan you imagine iconic locales like Times Square, the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont St. or Shanghai’s Nanjing Road without the neon lights? Just wouldn’t be the same, right?

The neon signs make those places come alive. Well, if you’re in need of signs that pop, Heaven or Las Vegas Neon (HLV) has what you’re looking for with neon light & sign prop rentals from Art Deco style to vintage originals. The selection is wide and varied, but if you require custom work, HLV can design and manufacture to your needs.

Don’t forget to check out their user-friendly online catalog.