Michael Harper-Smith

2CV_group1You don’t have to go to Europe to find a cool looking European picture car. Just call Michael Harper-Smith. I’m tellin’ ya, he has them all. And if you’re doing a foreign street scene? Bingo, all of a sudden you’re in Afghanistan without that long flight.

bus-headerEuro filmcars and motorcycles, scooters, Vespa’s Peugeots to Land Rovers (I mean the classic ones from 1988) you’re going to find them at Michael’s.

And those Vespa’s come in colors that are so much fun and not to worry because he also has the vintage helmets to protect your head.

Website: www.eurofilmcars.com

Floral Design by Daves Flowers

DavesFlowersAdMaking an impression has always been a major factor in creating an arrangement at Floral Design by Daves Flowers.

Need that special last minute gift (or apology)? Well, not to worry because they are known for same day delivery of floral arrangements, no matter where the location!

From Hollywood talent agencies to sports teams like the Dodgers, everyone seems to know that Dave’s Flowers is a home run.

Website: www.davesflowers.com

Westside Detectives Inc.

300049_223834387680007_1917450295_nWho to call when the mystery intrigues or when you just want to make sure the nanny is on the up and up? Westside Detectives.

No case is the same, but they have seen it all. Whether you need a background check or a teenage runaway needs to be found, Westside Detectives Inc. offers many kinds of quality investigative services. Confidentiality and discretion are upmost, and Westside Detectives counts PR firms and defense attorneys among their clients.

Why Westside Detectives you ask? “Because you deserve the truth,” and they follow their motto.

Website: www.westsidedetectives.com

FormDecor, Inc.

show_photoA splash of Dorothy Draper, a dash of Hollywood or a taste of Mid-Century modern—express your vision and style with furnishings and accessories from FormDecor. With its wide selection of iconic 20th-century pieces, FormDecor can set you up for a stunning affair.

FormDecor offers accurate 3D models to help with your design presentation and a design consultation service to help you through the project. There’s no need to worry about your location—delivery is available throughout the U.S., so let the festivities begin!

Website: www.formdecor.com

Los Angeles Percussions Rentals

10410615_10152907339249666_6642003859567165612_nGetting the band back together? We all know that percussion is the bling in the band; that sparkle in the music. Cowbells, whale drums, tambourines, chimes, glockenspiels and more—you’ll find it all at Los Angeles Percussion Rentals.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re making or instrument you need for the gig, Los Angeles Percussions Rentals has everything at the ready. So grab your marimba and xylophone and let the music play!

Website: www.lapercussionrentals.com

OnTrack and Field, Inc.

1555340_10152133864014035_473207931_nIf your going to need any kind of track or field equipment you should just go for the gold and call OnTrack and Field, Inc.

If you have to set up a jumping event or javelin throw you are going to need to know how the pros work it. Thankfully, no one knows how better than Ron Morris. He is a World Class athlete who has done it all. From the coaching track to participating in the Olympics, he knows his stuff.

So don’t just stroll over, sprint over, and he will guide you over any hurdle your sports related production needs to clear.

Website: www.ontrackandfield.com

10 Karat Rentals

Need a diamond necklace? How about a flashy watch or two? Me too quite frankly but why pay for the real thing (or at the very least an original) when you could have reproductions or fakes made?

If you’re like me then it’s time to call 10 Karat Rentals and pick out some really cool fine jewelry reproductions.

Now I know, diamonds are still a girls best friend. However, sometimes you might need a costume or even multiples, perhaps you need to dress a jewelry store, or maybe a mannequin might need a little extra glitter.

It’s always good to know that 10 Karat Rentals is a real gem, and honestly, no one will know the difference.

Mike Green Fire Equipment Co.

PrintNo one wants a fire on set and that is why Mike Green Fire Equipment Co. has always been one of the first calls that productions make when setting up a show. As a third generation family run business they have plenty of experience with design, installation and maintenance of all types of fire protection.

The wonderful bonus with using MG Fire for your fire protection needs, of course, is that they also rent their equipment! With alarms, fire extinguishers (from vintage to modern), fire hoses, and set design parts they are a perfect place to swing by when dressing to just simply LOOK up to code!

From commercial, industrial, or residential they are the ‘go to guys’ for all your needs, so for goodness sake, go TO them.

Website: www.mgfire.com

CBS Graphics

BOOK_ADTelevision has grown up at CBS Television City and that was no fluke. Keeping up with the latest technologies has been one of the most important things that CBS Graphics at Television City has been doing for many years.

Their graphics department has always been known for creativity and speed. From game shows, daily soaps, and large variety specials like Dancing with the Stars, television has needed people on the cutting edge with not only equipment but design and fabrication skills.

CBS Graphics has always been available for work outside of television and now they want the world to know it. With a newly purchased large format printer, services such as sign printing on almost any surface is available to everyone who needs it.

Need a prop designed? Maybe a new website? They have seen it all, can do it all, and are ready for the call.

Website: www.cbs-graphics.com

hunter gatherer

6cf180_6516c2cef057b3349c88aa4bb6508c1f.jpg_srb_p_600_590_75_22_0.50_1.20_0For hunter gatherer, the name speaks for it’s self. You never know what treasures lay behind odd doors in the city. Located in Mid City in Los Angeles hunter gatherer has brought together a collection of one of a kind eclectic objects from around the world.

When you want to swing by, keep a sharp eye out for the door so you don’t miss the entrance when you drive by.

6cf180_631a2e434f5a4a82b6a6375b47f4e300.jpg_srb_p_787_590_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The items you will come across will come in many styles and types, some are simply vintage and other items are as old as 100 years. This collection may be unusual yet it is very fun to browse and shop for that special piece that makes a room or even the perfect gift.

With items from West Africa, Morocco, Peru and China, there is a little of everything. Make sure you have a little time to enjoy your visit as you become the hunter gatherer.

Website: www.huntergatherer.biz