2Q==-11So you’re remodeling and need to temporarily store all your kitchenware and maybe some appliances. Or maybe you simply need to store some of your things. Well, give a thought to PODS. You can have a storage POD delivered curbside, where you can load it up, lock it up and have PODS pick it up. The containers are secured in a climate controlled center. And when you are ready to unload, PODS will bring the goods to you.

For a set decorator this is a really a handy service. You can pack up what you need and they transport to it’s destination too! TV Show on hiatus? They can store your scenery or set safely!

Words of advice: Don’t let fluffy around the door while you’re packing or you might find yourself posting Missing flyers around the neighborhood. Yikes!

Website: www.pods.com/commercial

OPFOR Solutions, Inc.

l+AAQBlk50dHd5rAgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==2Q==-12If you’re looking for traditional clothing and accessories from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or other Islamic countries, OPFOR Solutions, Inc. most likely has what you need. OPFOR Solutions carries military apparel, such as Afghan National Police and Afghan National Army replica uniforms, badges and patches. You’ll also find wardrobe accessories such as burkas, kurtis (jackets), waskats (vests), rugs, wall coverings and a Qur’an holder.

9k=-8OPFOR does do rentals and has worked with wardrobe departments on film such as Saving Private Ryan, Ripple Effect, Lone Survivor and more.

If you want a larger selection of colorful traditional clothing, check out OPFOR’s associated site AfgClassics.com. It has everything from an Afghan costume set to bridal gowns, Islamic prayer beads, prayer rugs, Afghan headwear and scarves. There’s also children’s clothing, like traditional boy’s Ali Pyraan tumbaan and Laila dresses for girls.

Website: www.opforsolutions.com and www.afgclassics.com


Z-9Pass a public park or school football field on the weekends, and you’ll likely see a soccer game or two. The players start young, from 4 years old and up, so safety is a big concern. That’s why the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission loves Fold-A-Goal when it comes to rugby and soccer equipment.

Fold-A-Goal is family-owned-and-operated business selling 93% U.S.A.-made soccer equipment. You’ll find more than portable goals. There’s goalkeeper and referee attire, training equipment (cones, speed hurdles, agility poles, etc.), corner flags, first aid, scrimmage vests and, of course, soccer balls.

Soccer’s popularity keeps growing, and with the FIFA World Cup coming up in 2014, soccer mania is kicking into gear. The U.S. men’s team will be there. Who knows? Maybe 2014 will be our year. Olé, olé, olé!

Website: www.fold-a-goal.com

Airwaves Wireless

4fNN65N2zmZvAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=The crew of White House Down certainly had no fear of losing wireless communication on set. Why? Because they used Airwaves Wireless to keep connected. Yes, the airwaves might have been full of choppers and airplane communications, but the production’s smartphones and mobile walkie-talkies were up and running strong.

So the next time you need wireless communication equipment—smartphones, satellite phones, mobile internet, walkie-talkies and more—check out Airwaves Wireless.

Website: www.airwaveswireless.com

Omega/Cinema Props New Website Launch

j14ssn2TYGmcjuylIHxdxueDc+GZ8Oz4f378Sy6SVo6LTfbDGx4Njwbng3PhvfvxRP9bIwTSyQSk11xS2Tss2r814Znw7Ph2fBseF8PvP8Lr9WyaEtPS+cAAAAASUVORK5CYII=It’s here! The Long awaited update to Omega/Cinema Props’ website has been launched.

Now you can view a large portion of their inventory in the comfort of your own home. The CP buildings are known for their wide range of products in multiple warehouses, so this is something any set decorator can appreciate.

2Q==-13Along with the sleek new design of their new website Omega has also launched some tools. You can now log in and create your own “Wish List”. Similar to Debbies Books own Pick Up Lists, you can add items to it that you would like to rent, print it out, and even email the list to whoever needs to see it.

Swing by their new website to get a fresh glimpse at their drapery, appliances, columns, gym equipment, and so much more. Oh, and when you do finally swing by Omega, make sure to give Ryan a congratulations. This has been his baby for quite some time.

Website: www.omegacinemaprops.com

Faux Library Studio Props, Inc. is Expanding!

2Q==-14True to their ways, Faux Library Studio Prop, Inc. has yet again outgrown their space. Their new additional building is now busting out at the seems as they have taken over yet another warehouse.9k=-9

Along with the hundreds of Asian Antiques they just collected, their collection of conference tables and office furniture are really something to behold.

Still want that old fashion library desk set up? Perhaps you just need some fake books. Do not worry, they still have their original inventory available, but if you move on to to the Presidential wing they have that set up too.

Alley Cats Studio Rentals

index-1index-2Alley Cats Studio Rentals has finally jumped out of the metaphorical “Alley” and into the busy “Street” of the internet.

After many years of having a page dedicated to Alley Cats on the RC Vintage page, they now have their very own web page!

2Q==-15Now, before swinging by, you can get a solid grip of their inventory by browsing well indexed pages, from dumpsters and trash cans, playground and benches, to even prison, nautical dressing, and DVD racks!

Alley Cats has a great inventory perfect for outdoor dressing, so click on by their website swing by their warehouse!

Website: www.alleycatsprops.com

Modern Props

9k=-10You never know who’s going to be hanging out at Modern Props these days, sometimes just crashing in one of their great chairs.Z-10

MoPro has always been known for their hi-tech modern space ship panels, complicated computer set ups, and crazy hi-tech ‘beam me up’ cylinders. Something a lot of people are just starting to figure out, however, is that they offer more than the fantastical and futuristic!

9k=-11Rows and rows of multiples of all kinds of items; contemporary sofas and chairs, telephones of all time periods, and even some Egyptian dressing. One of the big selling points is their large quantity of multiples in the same color, a hard sought characteristic of prop houses.

But if you haven’t swung by to check out what’s new you may want to zip over for a walk. But don’t let the mounted dinosaur heads get you!

Website: www.modernprops.com

Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe / Santa Claus Productions

9k=-12Open every day, Almost Christmas Prop Shoppe is ready to take your Xmas order.  From oversized Christmas bows and wrapped gifts to sleighs and all kinds (and sizes) of Christmas ornaments. It is one of the best spots to swing by for that set dressing you need in a Christmas set any time of the year, even in the middle of July.2Q==-16

They also have some perfect surprises you may not have thought they had: giant reindeer , Santa thrones, dressed and undressed Christmas Trees, and all manner of nativity scenes.

Z-11There’s a little construction next door, but it’s unobtrusive. Plus they are looking to relocate by the end of this year (and when they find out of course I will announce it here). But they are open for business every day in case you need a Christmas wreath or full size toy soldier.

Website: www.almostchristmaspropshoppe.com

All Vending Mix, Inc

Zq2VxbtRUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUFBQUPAu4f8AxL97T4MZSUAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=Need a snack but you don’t have time to swing by a convenience store. Usually you will find a vending machine somewhere in the building. You can probably thank All Vending Mix for that too. They have been providing food and beverage machines to companies and studios for years.

9k=-13From chips, gum, soda, Monster-ades (or whatever they’re called), or simply some good old fashioned OJ; it’s always amazing how you can put together a quick meal from a vending machine.Z-12

For rental, purchase, or even supplies and repairs, All Vending Mix is just that, a mix of all things vending.

Website: www.vendingmix.com