RC Vintage, Inc.

2Q==-27There has been some serious shopping going on over at RC Vintage, Inc. in their lighting department. If you need that special lamp or lighting fixture to complete a set chances are they have what you need.

Z-22From freestanding to portable, fixed to special purpose, their range is very handy. The newest additions to Willie’s collection are these series’ of very unique wall mounted lamps.

If you haven’t been over to RC Vintage, Inc. in while you will also be surprised by their selection of floor lamps that are on display.

Website: www.rcvintage.com

The Rug Warehouse

9k=-21If you haven’t stopped by to see George and his daughter Gilda at The Rug Warehouse then you are simply missing out on a true international textile experience.

Their inventory is extensive so they always have some new items on the floor to show you. Need something even more special, perhaps a carpet or rug that doesn’t seem to be available anywhere? They do custom rugs and carpeting too!

Whether it’s a tapestry wall hanging or finding the right color for your room Gilda has been helping designers, homeowners, and all manner of decorators add the right design that will complete the perfect look of any room.

Website: www.therugwarehouse.com

Stevenson Brothers Very Fine Rocking Horses

8R8QADs=Congrats to the royals! Prince George will be looking to get his own rocking horse soon enough, and I have no doubt the Stevenson Brothers is where they will go for it.9k=-22

Off of Puckley station just outside of London you will find Stevenson Brothers. They are known throughout the world for their handmade rocking horses.

Look through their gallery and you are bound to find your dream rocking horse. However, if you manage to come up with something you think is even better well than why not design your own? They have an interactive rocking horse designer which will take you through the steps to customizing your very own handcrafted rocking horse!

Website: www.stevensonbros.com

Jackson Shrub Supply, Inc.

9k=-23I had the pleasure of being hosted last night by Jackson Shrub Supply, Inc., one of the top Greens suppliers in the industry. Into the jungle of greens and flowers went the SDSA general membership and business partners, attending yet another meeting.

2Q==-292Q==-28As is always the case, everyone had the opportunity to get a fresh look of the host’s inventory, and Gary Jackson took advantage. Here is a picture of Brenda Meyers-Ballard getting a first hand history of Gary’s hundred year old Egyptian iron work fence. Apparently it stole the show at a recent photo shoot.

A good time was had by all (and good eating too). Thank you Jackson Shrub!

Website: www.jacksonshrub.com


AUcQThOzqCgAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==Wow, this product looks too good to be true. But when things are sent to me by Tim Hogan, Prop Master Extraordinaire, I have to share it. A zillion times a day there’s a need to fix something. Well, now there’s Sugru to help you MacGyver your way to a solution.

Sug-what? Sugru—it’s a self-setting silicone based rubber. You can form it by hand; it sticks almost anything; and it cures at room temperature over the course of 24 hours. It improves grip; it modifies function; it seems to do whatever you need it to do. I think Sugru will be one of my favorite fix-it solutions. I know I have a few repair jobs for it. Let me know if it works for you.

The story behind Sugru and its creator Jane is really wonderful. Click on the link and enjoy.

And thanks Tim!

Website: www.sugru.com


xdgAD28XZasrv4NAAAAAElFTkSuQmCCNeed a grrrrr grizzly bear? How about a panda? Not to worry about having to wrangle the real ones, Matt Brady of AnimatronicBear.com has already solved your problem. Who knows more about movement than a puppeteer? Bears are their specialty; however, the folks at AnimatronicBear.com can create and fabricate all kinds of animals for films, music videos, and television shows.

What makes AnimatronicBear.com different is that the mechanical animals are photo-realistic and made to look so real that they’ll scare you! But don’t worry, they come with a professional operator.

Website: www.animatronicbear.com


2Q==-30Nothing goes to waste way ahead of its time if Clare Graham can artfully reuse it. From tin cans to swizzle sticks, he turns discarded objects into art and over the years has become one of Los Angeles’ treasures. Breen/Graham have turned their studio into a showroom and event hall for artists to gather and show.

His recent “Rapt” installation is still on display at JF Chen, located at 941 N. Highland Ave. in Los Angeles. If you weren’t at the opening, you really should swing by and see what he has done with all those old teddy bears tossed aside by children. Shrink wrapped and balled together they create quite the display.

Website: www.claregraham.com

Chelsey Garden Show

Now with the summer heat here, let me revisit that week in London’s cooler climate at the Chelsey Garden Show.Z-23

Why doesn’t my garden look like these flowers? If you missed the week on London Prop Houses, you can always check out the blog archives.Z-24

Pasadena Antiques & Design

Pasadena Antique2Q==-31In the heart of Pasadena’s antique district, on South Fair Oaks just below Del Mar, you’ve arrived at Pasadena Antiques & Design, an historic 20,000 square-foot showroom full of great antique dealers and one-of-a-kind items where you just might find the perfect piece for your set.

Z-25A destination for set designers, dealers, decorators and every day customers alike, Pasadena Antiques & Design offers rentals and sales. They house a wide variety of antiques from mid-century modern furnishings to vintage and fine jewelry, smalls, folk art, tribal art and more. Check out the website for a quick peek at some of the collectors you’ll discover there.

Website: www.antiquesofpasadena.com

Book Castle’s Movie World

+EgZbzDceIq0uFa+u6F5eLC2bHwx76+Cx60+cwWt84cB+7BKZ4si+7Mze7M7+7NAe7dI+7dRe7dZ+7die7dq+7dw+2wHxADs=So you’re doing one of those 70s or 80s shows and you need a TV Guide for the actor to pick up. Well, you could have one made or you could check with Book Castle’s Movie World to see what issues they have in stock.

At Book Castle you can also find back issues of Life, Newsweek, Time and the Saturday Evening Post. Remember the folks there are used to crazy requests from the entertainment industry and are prepared to ship anywhere. Plus, they know that you probably needed it yesterday if you are calling today, so give them a jingle.

Website: www.bookcastlesmovieworld.com