Zipjack Custom Umbrellas

Yes, it’s true – ZipJack Custom Umbrellas is closing its factory doors. For nearly 50 years, the folks a ZipJack proudly produced quality umbrellas for restaurants & cafés and hotels & resorts, as well as rain, golf and theatrical umbrellas. Those custom umbrellas will be missed.

Thank you to everyone at ZipJack, and we wish you well.


Schmidli Backdrops

index-7Schmidli Backdrops creates works of art used in fashion photographs, celebrity portraits, music videos, films and red carpet events. With locations in Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London, Schmidli backdrops have found their way into photo shoots worldwide.

2Q==-47Custom backdrops are painted to fit your production needs. Whether a car commercial, photo shoot, live event or film location, a Schmidli backdrop garners attention, yet it never upstages the star.


New Rule FX & New Rule Productions

New Rule FX has moved to a larger facility in Van Nuys so be sure to swing by and check it out. Many of you may remember them as, whose beginning was focused on breakaways and fake food for the theater.

A division of New Rule Productions, New Rule FX has expanded its one-of-a-kind selection of SMASHProps breakaways to include larger items for movie and television productions. One of the newer items is a rubber frying pan. Kinda cool. Let’s hope you never see one come flying your way, but if you did, I hope it’s from New Rule FX.

Check out this video on their website that shows a breakaway in action!

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Website: &

Lehman’s Non-Electric Items

2Q==-48It’s the first morning of your week-long trek through the back woods when you realized you forgot to grind the coffee beans before setting out to commune with nature. This could go bad very quickly. But then your camping buddy saves the day and the trip with an old-fashion coffee grinder from Lehman’s Non-Electric Items, and you suddenly realize why you’re best friends.

Let’s give credit to Lehman’s too. The store is a glimpse into the past filled with old-fashioned, non-electric merchandise that it ships all over the world. It was 1955 when Jay Lehman opened his store to serve the local Amish and others without electricity. Meanwhile, the rest of us were enjoying Lady and the Tramp, Rebel without a Cause, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and I Love Lucy.

Those are all pieces of classic Americana now. Just like the items you’ll find at Lehman’s.


AIR Designs

Z-32The best New York hot dogs might be at Air Designs in Los Angeles. Ok, so there aren’t actual hot dogs, but a New York hot dog vendor cart has recently arrived at Air Designs.9k=-40

The #1 source for set dressing and props in the San Fernando Valley, Air Designs specializes in street, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, lighting, warehouse, NASCAR, automotive and vending machines. Drop in or call, and while you’re there, be sure to check the ‘New Items’ bulletin board for all the latest arrivals.


The Train Source, Inc.

dERPdKoICAA7From Jesse James and Butch Cassidy to chain gangs, whistle-stop campaign tours and more, train and railway’s history and lore has been the fodder for films, songs and other tales. Stan at The Train Source, Inc. has been the train coordinator go-to guy for lots of films, so I’m sure he’s got his own stories to tell.

A qualified engineer licensed with the Federal Railroad Administration, Stan has operated/coordinated trains and locations for over 300 productions, most of them featuring stunts and special effects involving train/auto crashes, explosions, fire and stunt people and principal actors on and about the train exterior. The Express; 3:10 to Yuma; There Will Be Blood; Flags of Our Fathers; Mona Lisa Smile; The Italian Job; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; Iron Will; Under Siege II—these are just a few of the productions Stan’s been a part of.

Stan’s in semi-retirement now, so he only takes calls for major features. But if you’re lucky enough to snag him, he’ll help you keep production right on track.


Debbies Book® eBook – Printable & Portable 25th Edition Now Available @

Want the latest edition of Debbies Book? Go here!

Z-29Now you can get your copy of Debbies Book in a printable format from The book comes as a PDF that allows you to print the whole book or only the pages you need. Either way, it’s easy and portable.

Categories are in alphabetical order and, to save space, listings for Prop Houses and Costume Rental Houses are shortened to one or two lines, but you’ll find full contact information located within the Prop House and Costume Rental Houses categories.

Download your Printable 25th Edition Debbies Book today!


David’s Rug Gallery

Z-33At David’s Rug Gallery, you can count on the red carpet treatment. The folks there are always happy to share their rich knowledge about rug design and a little history on the beautiful hand-woven Persian and Oriental rugs, contemporary rugs, Kilims and more that you’ll find at David’s.

Rug restoration and appraisal services are also offered, but if it’s just hand cleaning that your rug needs, your heirloom will certainly be in good hands.

Stop into David’s Rug Gallery. I’m sure you’ll find a treasure underfoot.


Bob Trepanier of High Wheelers

High Wheeler-Bob-5-13Bob Trepanier of High Wheelers passed away last week. Services were held Saturday at the First Lutheran Church in Temple City.

High Wheelers is a warehouse and garage full of props from the turn of the 20th Century, including set dressing and vehicles.

Bob was known for his great smile, enthusiasm for life, and big hugs. Since 1964 his collection of Americana antiques the antique collections have expanded to include 50+Victorian baby carriages, toys and sleighs, and always specializing in original antiques. Everyone loves those hard to find one of a kind objects and that was Bob’s specialty. The best part of each item, however, was that they always had a great story to go along with them.

Our thoughts go with Bob’s wife, Vicki, and the rest of his family. He was a man who had a contagious smile. He may have passed on but he will not be forgotten by the many people he worked with and helped throughout his lifetime.

Robert F. Trepanier Memorial Guest Book

General Veneer Manufacturing Co.

Z-34What’s a company like General Veneer Manufacturing Co. doing in the film business? Well, production designers and construction coordinators know that General Veneer products are a good match. Most sets need doors, right? Hollow core doors, particleboard core doors, lumber core doors—General Veneer has them. And, as the name says, they have veneer as well as paneling and laminates.

Yep, General Veneer fits right in with the rest of us. Check out the website for more info.