Covert Cocktails

What’s the special today? Covert Cocktails anyone?

Z-36Want something sweet or sour? Are you looking to taste a special flavor in your cocktail? How about you simply don’t want it to be able to spill.

Every set has a bar scene whether it’s a casino, night club, Tiki bar, sports bar, or wine bar. 2Q==-53Usually written into every script is a bar scene, a scene which every prop master dreads. Liquor spills (and even worse, stains), dishes to wash, and ensuring the glasses are at the same level from the beginning of the shoot to the end.

These were all problems, that is, until Covert Cocktails. Serving up faux cocktails in all kinds of colors, with all kinds of garnishes, and in all kinds of glasses you will never have to worry about those spills again.

Z-37Another great bonus of Covert Cocktails is the fact that they rent and sell the faux drinks along with renting and selling the glasses that can be used to match the faux drinks!

Not having to worry about the drinks in a scene along with all of the other problems one has to deal with? I’ll drink to that!


Global Effects, Inc

Z-38Ever wonder where that ‘Cool Suit’ idea came from? It’s what the actors climb into when they are getting into those heavy creature wardrobes. Well the where is actually a who, and that who is Chris Gilman of Global Effects, Inc.

Cool also happens to be JUST the word to use when referring to Global Effects, Inc. As a matter of fact, Chris won the Technical Achievement Awarded from the Academy of Motion Pictures for some of his design in the early 90’s.

The cool suit is used by actors to maintain certain body temperatures under heavy wardrobe and creature suit conditions. It works by focusing the cooling or heating on the torso and head of the user.

Of course he does more than just have a slew of very grateful actors. Global Effects has been doing out of this world costuming and prop fabrication for decades. Monsters, Aliens, Vampires, and anything else your imagination can conjure. They will make it a reality from conception to completion.


Larry St. John & Co.

2Q==-54From cars to couches, Larry St. John has been somewhat of a hidden jewel to the entertainment industry. Having their own factories located in Los Angeles along with their distinct brand of fabrics gives them an edge for fast turnarounds of their sofas and chairs.

To put it simply, their showroom is worth the visit. And the stock is always changing. Besides the movie props and memorabilia they also fabricate many of their own custom tables, chairs and sofas.

While filling out your order a their decorators counter you can also count on being entertained by Johnny the Macaw. He is more than willing to show you some of his tricks.

By the way, don’t miss KTLA Channel 5’s Saturday April 27th special on Larry St. John!


The Feather Place

2Q==-55Finding that requirement for specific feathers on your next project becoming a BIRDen? Don’t be fooled by common belief, it isn’t just costume designers that go to The Feather Place. There are many things out there that can benefit from a bit of fowl play.

Event planners are using many of  their feathers to dress up centerpieces on their table tops at many stylish events. From Ostrich to Peacock, it’s not hard to give a touch of elegance to tickle your artistic designs.

Don’t just wing it when it comes to your next design and go to The Feather Place.


Pasadena Architectural Salvage

9k=-47Pasadena is known for it’s many historical craftsman homes and Pasadena Architectural Salvage is very active in many preservation and historical associations. These kinds of connections are a big reason their inventory is so extensive as it has given them the ability to include so much antique salvage.9k=-48

Many home owners know that they can swing by Gayle’s  Pasadena Architectural Salvage and find that special replacement piece for their home. Even if you don’t need a replacement it fun to see their stock. You’re sure to find a few pieces that belong under your roof instead of hers.


Marylen Costume Design & Mfg Inc.

PwzFMdFpz3HDyRIdWNI77gfDUczFquJSPFPFGdzFY0zGZWzGZ4zGaazGJRoQADs=When your gig is as a costumed character at a theme park or themed event, you can bet your tired feet that there will be no sitting down on the job. After all, they’re called walk-around characters for good reason.

Marylen Costume Design specializes in those big walk-around character costumes like the Easter Bunny, Cheshire Cat, or Humpty Dumpty. Her costume index has a wide variety of characters to choose from, so finding what you need shouldn’t be a problem, and she even has costumes for children.

Whichever costume you choose, comfortable walking shoes are sold separately.


Advanced Liquidators Office Furniture

Z-39When “Argo” director Ben Affleck wanted to hear the ‘click, click, click’ of old electric typewriters, Advanced Liquidators found, restored and delivered dozens of electric typewriters to create the sound effect Affleck wanted.

2Q==-56Whether you need vintage typewriters, Tanker conference tables and chairs or vintage Herman Miller reception seating, Advanced Liquidators is one of the first places you’ll want to call. You’ll find more than just vintage, and the folks there are always willing to help.


Strickland’s Window Coverings

Z-40Family-owned since 1942, Strickland’s Window Coverings focus is on making their customers happy. Whether you need window coverings for a commercial building, a home residence or a film/TV production, the folks at Strickland’s are ready to help.

You’ll find everything from vintage to modern. That’s why productions like Boardwalk Empire, Iron Man, Gossip Girls and Hart of Dixie rely on Strickland’s for window treatments.


Burbank Parade – ‘Let’s Go To The Movies’ Theme

2Q==-57Locals grabbed their lawn chairs and lined Olive street over in Burbank this past weekend to watch the Burbank parade. This year’s theme was “Let’s Go To The Movies”.

Originally started in 1945 in conjunction with Burbank’s Spring Festival, it was started to commemorate the end of World War II. In 1981, 24 years after the last festival and parade, the parade was revived. Of course, like any good parade, each year it has an assigned theme that marchers and float designers get align themselves with.


It was a wonderful small town parade full of horses, school bands, and local businesses. Some school kids did swing dancing down the streets of Burbank to the tunes of many movies that have been filmed in the streets of Burbank, and local car clubs showed off their treasures. Since the day was a little warm the local Burbank Fire Department even cooled the younger parade goers off with water from their fire hoses.

Click here if the video doesn’t load for you.

Jet Sets – Just Imagine Research Library

9k=-49So you just want to look at a book and get some good old fashioned research out of the way? 9k=-50Well Jet Sets is a lot more than just a Scenery and Set Construction hub. Look no further than Jet Sets Research library.

Jet Sets is a perfect place to stop by for graphics, scenic painting, custom construction, and effects. What many don’t know about, however, is that they have a ton of books and you can always find someone on staff who can help you. They do have a lot of  research books to look through, over 7,000 in total!Z-42

There is also a dedicated space for an entire art department to work and create when your team works with Jet Sets. So stop by to look and feel free to bring your project over, and while they are working on that go check out their library.