Faux Library Expands

9k=-51Anyone who has frequented Faux Library knows they have some unique items, great multiples, and all the fake books, paperwork, law and police office dressing you could ever need.

9k=-52However, when I walked into Faux Library last week I was thrown by the expansion of both their space and their inventory. They now have an even better selection of office furniture, lamps, and accessories. Swing by their location, you will not leave without items you need.

e-mail: fauxlibrary@sbcglobal.net

“Founder’s Day” at History for Hire

9k=-53It was a Happy Birthday celebration on Thursday at History For Hire, or “Founder’s Day” as it was aptly named.

The many people that came to honor Jim also had the chance to munch on a lot of delicious food.Z-44

Here’s to many more “Founder’s Day” celebrations, because if there was one thing I know, the ‘Founder’s Day Cake” was yummy!

Website: www.historyforhire.com

Northern Craft Casket Co.

NortherCraftCasketAdMade in the U.S.A.!

Northern Craft Casket Company has been building caskets exclusively in the United States and ships worldwide.

Located on the East Coast they have worked with the Entertainment Industry to meet the need for multiples of caskets or for that wild cemetery shot. They even offer oversized caskets.

Their wide selection of exterior colors and and materials have come in handy for many film projects including James Bond!

Website: www.northerncraftcasket.com

New Contemporary Inventory in at The Alpha Companies

9k=-54A fresh New Inventory has arrived at The Alpha Companies this week. Swing by and check out their great collection. (the photos never do justice)

The Alpha Companies showed off their new collection of furniture & modern décor last night at the latest SDSA general membership meeting.

9k=-54A yummy spread of food and drink was enjoyed by all plus a special guest speaker Councilmember Paul Krekorian.

2Q==-60The warehouse is full of fresh collections of art, desks, sofas and more. All of which are a must see. You might have to swing by a second time since I noticed last night that many of the new pieces have already been tagged for rental.

Website: www.alphaprops.com

Remembering Manny Louis

Z-46Manny Louis will be missed by so many people. Our thoughts and good wishes go out to Craig Louis and his family, as well as the extended family at Louis Equipment Co in San Pedro.

Manny was a true US Merchant Marine. When someone needed expertise on any kind of marine or nautical décor, from submarines to aircraft carriers, he was the ‘go to guy’.

Last week, while visiting House of Props, Phil told me several wonderful stories of Manny (as they were fellow alumni of the US Merchant Marine Academy).

My favorite had to do with the TV show JAG. They needed a particular item for their series so Manny flew to the east coast (on his own dime) to do some recon. Of course Manny found the exact set décor item needed, and all of that just to help out his decorator in need.

He was just that kind of guy, and it’s guys like that who are always missed the most.


2Q==-61If you’ve been keeping up with FormDecor on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve added a lot of fabulous new furnishings to their inventory. Their ‘What’s New?‘ page is overflowing with the newest and best event rental decor. Not sure where to start? Here’s a highlight of some of our favorite new finds to help inspiring furniture designs for your next event.

9k=-55With it’s plush velvet seat and a surprise corset detail in the back, the Corset Lounge Chair will add style to an event that is both stunning and sensual.

Re-purposing items has been all the rage lately! It’s a great way to take everyday items no longer in use and turn them into something chic and useful. Why not add a touch of this trend to your next event? The Adler Pendant lamp is beautifully crafted from cardboard, while the Ace Pendant lamp is made of metal wine barrel hoops!

2Q==-62Emerald is Pantone’s color of the year, and FormDecor’s new Sophia Chair will have you seeing green!

For the best in new furniture rentals, keep checking the ‘What’s New?’ page on FormDecor’s website.

Website: www.formdecor.com


Insurance West Corp

Z-47Insurance West Corp provides personal, commercial and financial insurance protection, but they are famous for their 40-year resume of successful Entertainment industry service. They insure cameras, pyrotechnics, cranes, you name it, they will cover you. They even provide free seminars with legal information from the Entertainment Industry’s coverage professionals.

They’ve struck the perfect balance between a small company’s hand crafted services while being large enough to insure clients with nationwide operations! They won’t just pitch you an insurance plan you don’t need or know anything about. In fact, they pride themselves on simplifying the insurance process for their clients. Insurance West will educate you about their options, and provide as much assistance as is necessary to find the best insurance coverage for your personal needs. They understand that an informed client makes intelligent choices, and will help you obtain the information you need to fully control your coverage.

Insurance West provides a free review of your insurance situation. They will also compare your current coverage costs with their own free of charge!

Website: www.insurancewest.com

Finding the Perfect Chair

Every room needs at least one chair (often more of course), and every chair has it’s own personality. On top of that, it can sometimes be pretty difficult to find chairs with “personalities” that work well with each other too.

It’s important to look at designs over the years; Victorian, Mid-Century Modern, to actual Modern. For furniture to work well together there is no requirement for what decade they came from. Maybe you are looking for some fun furniture or perhaps it needs to be extremely serious.

Here are a couple of different inventories I’ve gleaned over that may inspire you:

(1) Modern Props has some great chairs, everything from Rococo style to Contemporary Club Chairs

(2) RC Vintage has that wonderful Retro look, including Bar Stools, Glider Benches, and even Folding Chairs.

(3) Modernica has a large assortment of many kinds of Chairs. Dining Chairs, Swan Chairs, Barcelona Chairs, and a great line of Fiberglass Shell Chairs.

Design, structure, color and fabric all take a part in becoming that perfect chair for that photo shoot, commercial, or scene.

Website: www.modernprops.com
Website: www.modernicaprops.com
Website: www.rcvintage.com

Roschu & LA Circus

Whatever happened to Roschu? A little history on the prop house as I remember…

2Q==-63The name Roschu was named after the owner Robert Schu. He started building props on Santa Monica Blvd. back in the 50’s.

By the late 80s he had outgrown his Santa Monica location and moved to the valley on Fair Ave (around 1989/90).

In 1996 he wanted to retire and work with his horses so he sold his business to a company called Merv Griffin Productions. Merv had an event company that was located over by the Santa Monica airport. Once the purchase was finalized all of the props were relocated from the valley over to Merv’s airport hanger.

Z-48In 1999, Merv’s event business sold all of their props to Lisa at another event/rental company, Theme Warehouse (located in Downey). At that point (since they were basically in an airport for almost 5 years) all of these original props were a mess. They were covered with all the dirt from the planes flying in and out, not to mention the dampness. Lisa spent quite a bit of $$ restoring the collection.

By 2003 Lisa wanted out of the event business and sold her entire collection at auction. Thus it was broken up.

I am happy to tell you that much of this collection is owned by L. A. Circus, and even better, available for rent.

Amazing Balloons by Gee

PrintWhat can you do with just balloons? It’s an art form if you ask Amazing Balloons by Gee.

That’s why so many corporate and event designers use balloons to enhance the entrance to their events, spruce up the tables inside, and simply add that extra spice to the entire occasion with balloon sculptures and arches. Some balloon artists like Dennis and Claudia Gee, are using special effects lighting and balloon bouquets to bring it to an entirely new level of design.

So if you want to have a special St. Patrick’s Day surprise to show that special someone they matter, try giving them an Amazing Balloon by Gee.

Website: www.amazingballoonsbygee.com