Tinder Box Tobacco Shop

UK+FwAbH3AzbfL8gcwwAEdyC0ALpCAKlWgNQG4AARwkwEIFIcAb38ASohsKkcBN+g2IBCBfrD33sT0EYBHXgcEYABmAf7wBQrAog2MdzYwvvGQF0MIAAA7Cigarettes, cigars, smokes of all different kinds is what you will find when you walk into Tinder Box Tobacco on Santa Monica Blvd.

Nilly caters to the prop masters who need that ‘hard to find’ tobacco product like pocket ash trays, herbal cigarettes, cigar cutters and all other smoking related products. Their inventory is surprisingly (and thankfully) very expansive.

They also have on hand a lot of those old fashion non electrical shaving items, decorative boxes of all kinds, on top of offering repair services for both pipes and lighters.

From one of a kind items to multiples, if it’s smoking related you won’t go wrong stopping by Tinder Box Tobacco Shop.

email: tinderbox382@earthlink.net

Imperial Paper Co.

2Q==-64Creating custom packaging, point of purchase displays, folding cartons, corrugated boxes and the like is the expertise of Imperial Paper Company, who has been supplying products and shipping materials to the entertainment industry for over 40 years. You can also make use of Imperial’s design service or shipping volume optimization to help save money on shipping costs.

For conventions, press junkets, and other events large or small, Imperial Paper is also a great resource for press kits, presentation folders and welcome kits. They’re located in North Hollywood on Cahuenga. Drop in, call or email and find out how Imperial Paper can help with your project needs.

Website: www.imperialpaper.com

Aero Mock-Ups

2Q==-65New executive seats have landed at Aero Mock-Ups − another addition to the vast collection of airline units available for your video, film or photo shoot.

9k=-57Whether the scene calls for an airline check-in counter, baggage carousel or the interior of a wide-body plane, Aero Mock-Ups can do just that − mock it up exactly the way you need it. For over 25 years the company has been the premier supplier of airline interiors to the entertainment, specializing in international as well as local airline mock-ups.

Authenticity is in the details, and Aero Mock-Ups offers authenticity right down to the antimacassars.

Website: www.aeromockups.com

Eric’s Architectural Salvage + Well’s Antique Tile & Pottery

2Q==-66Eric’s Architectural Salvage and Wells Antique Tile & Pottery share the same space in the heart of Echo Park. Eric’s specializes in salvage items from old homes and historical buildings in the Southern California area while Wells Antique Tile & Pottery has the largest stock of antique tiles in the country.

Known all over the world for not only antique tile but vases, pottery, tile tables and garden ware. Scott Wells’ valuable expertise has assisted many historical groups in removing and preserving tiles from historical buildings.

It’s rare that you find two treasures in one space. It’s a site worth seeing.

Website: www.ericsarchitecturalsalvage.com/other-salvaged-items.html
Website: www.wellstile.com

Angel Appliances

AngelApplianceAdIt’s late and the new script pages now calls for the body to be stuffed into a freezer instead of a closet. And of course you hear, “let’s show that tomorrow.” A collective “gulp” reverberates from the art department. Who ya gonna call who’s got it and can get it to you fast?

Your guardian Angel Appliances. One phone call and voila! You’re an art department rock star.

Since 1955, Angel Appliances has been specializing in rentals, sales and service of appliances throughout the Valley, and not just for set dressing. Many wardrobe departments use Angel’s heavy-duty washers and dryers too.

Need an appliance with gas hookup? No problem. Oh electric you say? Sure, got that too.

Website: www.angelappliances.com/rentals.php

RC Vintage

Z-50Those art deco train station seats near the front door at RC Vintage are from Union Station. And if you browse the back of the warehouse, you can take a rest on one of those wonderful vintage patio lounge chairs.

-1When it comes to collections of classic Americana RC Vintage doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. From soda fountains to jukeboxes to furniture and more, RC Vintage is delightfully reminiscent.

So when your project calls for days gone by, RC Vintage is where you’ll recreate a little bit of the past.

Website: www.rcvintage.com

JMK Sculpture, Inc

Z-51Stand among the crowd at a theme park or a parade of floats and you’ll hear someone say “How do they come up with these ideas?” followed by “How the heck did they make it?”

Well, the guy grinning the most is probably Jeff from JMK Sculpture. He is THE go to guy for architectural art, prop fabrication, costuming, and even model building. Z-52Whether he’s working with theme park characters like Dumbo, Donald Duck and even costumes of The Incredibles; working on park ride vehicles, marquees or advertising displays, Jeff will get what you need done the way you want it and within the time constraints.

Z-53Jeff doesn’t just work with theme parks either. Some of his most innovative creations have been for private residence and commercial installations. Every detail of a project needs to be designed before it’s built, and JMK’s meticulous attention to detail is what completes each of his projects.

Website: www.jmksculpture.com

Alison Reisel Origami

A recent commercial production had one of those impossible questions. One of those unique “only in the business” kind of questions.

Where were they going to find someone to make 250 Origami Cranes made out of dollar bills and get them within a commercial’s schedule?

Thankfully they found Alison Reisel Origami. Alison has a unique eye when it comes to the popular folding art. Along with the commonly identifiable cranes, boxes, and flowers she also has custom creations of her own! Origami shirts with ties, origami baby booties, origami dresses, and so many more.

Do you have unique idea that you would like to see turned into origami? Give Alison Reisel Origami a call, she will be happy to step up to the challenge!

Check out her work in this video (45 seconds in):

Click here if video doesn’t load

Artistic Carnival & Circus Design

“24 years of one night stands…”

2Q==-67Yep, that’s Chester’s standard line, and he has several lifetimes of stories to tell based around his adventures in the life of the circus. He owns Artistic Carnival & Circus Design.

Chester has decades of experience setting up and taking down one night stands all across the country. Of course a “one night stand” is when a circus comes into town for a day and cleans up by the next morning, moving on to the next town.

Why… What did you think it meant?

2Q==-68Recently he focuses on less travel and more on the design side, perfect for anyone looking for consulting (and rentals). He’s pretty consistently coming up with new inventory, like this new piece recently added to the L.A. Circus collection of extraordinary circus props.

That’s life in the circus.

Apropos Interiors

2Q==-69Always shopping for some classic style pieces? There are some new items over at Apropos Interiors.

They recently acquired some pretty sweet Barcelona chairs just last week.

With art for rent, dinner tables, and plenty of decorative accessories, Apropos Interiors is a great one stop shop for many.

9k=-59They also have a surprisingly large selection of headboards. Everything from suede, dark wood or leather to different rattan styles. You’ll definitely find a piece that will help to define a character’s space.

Website: www.aproposinteriors.tv