Books for Libraries, Inc

2Q==-72Where would you go if you needed to dress a library full of books by next week? Rest assured. With one call to Books for Libraries, books and shelving can be delivered to anywhere in the states– and even Canada.

Books for Libraries has warehouses full of books across the U.S. Pick a subject and Books for Libraries has an entire collection. I must say that when I walked into one of the warehouses, I was taken aback by the sheer volume of books Jim Stitzinger had acquired for libraries and collectors all over the country.

And the books were real −the old-fashion kind made of paper!


Hollywood Trophy Company

9k=-63For years, art departments have relied on Mike and his team at Hollywood Trophy Company. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the family-run business has always been a pleasure to work with. From king-size trophies to smaller awards, Hollywood Trophy has a large supply to choose from and can handle your need for multiples.

9k=-64Plaques are a specialty at Hollywood Trophy, and Mike offers top-of-the-line computerized engraving. In the world of entertainment, there’s always a rush for a live televised award presentation, so Hollywood Trophy has probably seen their share of quick turnarounds. Considering all the legal, police and hospital shows on the TV, ever character has to have his or her name on a door or a desk for that close up shot. And then there are the stars dressing rooms and so on…

Photo Credits A & E Magazine Article March 8, 2012

Ob•Jects BIG & small

Lfax2PhQYiFLWU3gYrKVzewifPRDzXoWFJx17GdHi4cS8WhFaNkraVdrBVyshhesje0Y+uhJIMpJtrjFQp9si9Tc+jYKsSQUchr62+IqoXlrgU1vjctcJIwmNwZQZXOni8SVQIC41DVCEAAAOw==So you’ve been looking for that unique hero prop, or should I say that distinguishing Ob•ject?

Well, with almost 30,000 square feet filled with upscale furnishing and smalls, Ob•jects BIG & small is probably where you’ll find it.

From classic to modern to antique, Ob•jects’ rug collection is also unique and varied, much like their sofa, chair and pillow selections. But you really need to stop by and see the quality of the fabrics. No photos can do justice to the quality of furniture and lush accessories you’ll find at Ob•jects.

Search Inventory results of interest: sofas, chairs, pillows


Take 1 Plant Rentals

From After Sunset to Twilight, you’ll see lush greens from Take 1 Plant Rentals. What started from humble beginnings in 1998 has grown into a key vendor of greens for motion pictures and television.

The folks at Take 1 will help you get the results you want. And if there’s something they don’t have, they will find it for you. Who needs a green thumb when there’s Take 1 Plant Rentals.


Modern Props

vYyE62spfN7GY7+9nQjra0p53sCAAAOw==What’s in a name? You’d think that all you’d find at Modern Props are futuristic and modern items for rent. Not true. Just perusing their chair selection online, you’ll see everything from hand-carved Rococo style to low lounge modern.

There’s also dressing for a variety of settings. Modern Props can dress an airport from lobby chairs to the ticket counter. And those Eames public seating airport benches are polished and ready to fly, as well as some walk through metal detectors.

But you should really swing by to see the collection because the Web never does justice to the quality and quantity Modern has. That’s one of the great things about Modern – they have multiples in their inventory, perfect for dressing a large space.

And not to worry, Modern has an extremely large selection of accessories for all the smalls you’ll need too, including some interesting unique items like their Santa Claus Lamps


Roger George Rentals

gJruSQAAAAASUVORK5CYII=For many years, Ira at Tri-Ess Science perfected so many amazing products used in the entertainment industry. When he passed, his daughter Kim joined Roger George Rentals, and she brought over many of the Tri-Ess Science products.

One of the great products you’ll find is Polysorb. Used by food stylists and prop masters, Polysorb looks like crushed ice and is often used to simulate snow cones. And don’t forget Super Goop and Smoke Cloth developed by Tri-Ess Science and available now at Roger George.

Other neat inventions they have are: Santa Snow Spray, an artificial snow that can be used to accent wreaths and centerpieces; Cobwebs in a Can, an aerosol spray webbing that adds light layers of spider web effect; Pyro Gel, what stunt people prefer to use for burns instead of rubber cement as it is a safer product; and Flash Paper, paper that creates cool flashes of fire by being lit.


Kismet Harem Inspired Designs

2Q==-73If you appreciate the artistry of handmade textiles, you’ll love Kismet. Tucked away in colorful Venice, California, Kismet carries an extensive collection of vintage Indian textiles, saris, tribal cottons, decorative trims and embroidery.

With owner Anne Driver’s support of Fair Trade, Kismet creates opportunity and empowerment for the disadvantaged artisans who create the unique pieces you’ll find there.

Looking for an exotic trim to finish off your project? Stop by Kismet or e-mail:


A-1 Medical Integration

L8AAgrjgfn2xUe4AAAAASUVORK5CYII=The folks at A-1 Medical Integration pride themselves on making sure you don’t forget the little things you’ll need on set. And it’s the little things that count. No one knows that better than a seasoned prop master.

Having multiples of expendable items along with the large equipment is key to having your show run smoothly. That’s why A-1 Medical has put together medial prop kits geared to the needs of property masters. If you need that complete layout of autopsy tools, you know the scene will be right with A-1 Medical’s kit. Swing by or call, and they will have it ready for your next surgical procedure… on set that is.


The Hand Prop Room – The Silver Room

Hi Ho Silver!

If you’ve never seen the silver collection at The Hand Prop Room, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of extraordinary pieces. Whether you’re dressing an elegant tea party or need a regal serving set, hands down the Hand Prop Room has one of the most amazing collections to choose from.


From vintage to futuristic, the inventory at the Hand Prop Room is huge and diverse. But if by chance HPR doesn’t have it, they’ll find it for you. And if they can’t find it, they’ll make it − making your job a lot easier!


USITT California 2013

2Q==-75The 6th Annual USITT California Career Fair and Student Design Competition will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2013, at Cal State University Los Angeles. The exhibit and competition is open to currently registered students at any college, university or high school in California. All areas of design, technical production and stage management are included in the 2013 Richard Thompson Student Design and Production Exhibit and Competition, which will be held at the State Playhouse Theatre beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Submissions will be in scenic design, costume design, lighting design, sound design, stage management presentations and technical presentations. Productions mounted by the student’s school between January 1, 2012, and December 31, 2012, are eligible. Admission is free for student entrants and job seekers.

Submissions/applications should be sent to:
For more info, visit
SoCal USITT Facebook Page

See you on Saturday, January 26!