Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The Website and App are going to be working 24/7, but at the office many of us are helping Santa.

So we will be closed from the end of the day December 21st through January 7th!


See you next year!
(don’t worry some of us will still be returning phone calls)
((and by us I mean me of course))

Modernica – Chairs, Lamps, and More

Fiberglass shell chairs with an Eiffel base and more are available in multiple colors at Modernica. Perfect for a Modern Bar scene or to improve the feng shui of a high end apartment.

Z-59Of course, you can even find that Diamond bubble lamp you’ve been dreaming of (I know I certainly have been).

Of course you can always explore their inventory of lamp fixtures as well. In an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and types, many are featured at Modernica’s showrooms located in Downtown LA and on Beverly.


RC Vintage Update

Willie recently expanded his lighting collection. New fixtures and rentals are always being added to his ever expanding inventory. One of the many perks of RC Vintage. Check out this pretty cool sconce that just hit the floor (figure of speech of course, the sconce has been well taken care of).9k=-69

Of course if you wanted this particular sconce and it’s been scooped up, never fear! There are plenty of great lamp fixtures and sconces just “hanging out” and just waiting to be a part of your next project.

That’s because when it comes to everything, lamps and more, Willie never takes it lightly. (I think I just pulled a pun muscle).

Check out some of his Neon Lights and hanging lights!


Dinosaurs on the Loose at Dapper Cadaver

9k=-70Yang the T-Rex has hit town and you’ll find all 28 feet of him over at Dapper Cadaver. Yang fits right in over there among the bones, bloody bodies, alien corpses, zombies, and – wait for it – headless Santa Claus.Z-60

If you don’t know or haven’t guessed, Dapper Cadaver is the death-related prop house and prop fabrication shop where you’ll find the bizarre, the macabre, the Gothic and the downright horrific, from the two-headed parrots, severed body parts and zombie canines to torture equipment, alien autopsy cadavers and mutant fetuses. Yikes!


Premier Lighting & Production Co.

FSHf5KLeAmYuIOZq1WCtoWAapRI9Em7CFVzn4AfywX1Iomo+ImpB5Obg5mzTomi3FXeh0lEaYhMA0noyYW4Klnd9ZnWK5nuzZnu75nvBZAhEAADs=Premier Lighting & Production Co. has spun the dance floor with the stars. Well, actually Premier’s mirror balls have been twinkling above the Dancing with the Stars couples all season. But what if you want the mirror effect sans the ball? Premier’s got the Starball that gives you the mirror ball effect using crisp LED lighting. It’s part of a Premier’s club lighting products, just a fraction of the huge selection of lighting available for every production and event.

Z-61Besides sales and rentals, Premier also offers production services. You can count on creative lighting designs, technical production assistance, installation and strike, and experienced operation crews for your events, trade shows, and live performances.

If you’re looking for the latest in lighting, be sure to check out the New Products section of Premier’s website. Here’s something you wedding planners might like – Premier now has wedding gobos!


Independent Studio Services

9k=-71Firearm and weapon scenes on movie sets are always taken very seriously by the industry, and at the ISS Weapons Department it’s no different. Their staff of professional armorers are known for helping out production teams with choosing the correct weapon and training everyone from actors to handlers on their proper use to ensure everyone’s safety.

They have tactical training sessions for actors, and even a private firing range!

The fabrication of these “non-guns” have the look and the feel that ensure an actor can become the character, and the technology of these props are top notch. They will fabricate more than just guns too; swords, gun accessories, and more.

If you need to create some weapons and train your actors, take a shot with ISS.


Oceanic Arts

9k=-72Where did Disneyland Resort get those carved African mahogany double entry doors to the new Tangaroa Terrace restaurant? Oceanic Arts, that’s where.

From the early days of Pirates of the Caribbean to the island-themed dining of Disneyland’s new resort restaurant, Oceanic Arts continues to not only supply the Magic Kingdom but also be a staple for many interior designers recreating and re-imagining tropical themes.

Tikis, Bamboo Poles, Thatch Roofs, Ceremonial Paddles, Rattan Furniture, Reed Fencing and Bamboo Fencing, they have it all.

This year, Oceanic Art has shipped their tropical dressing to Vancouver, Canada; Hawaii; Australia; and even Lithuanian. Whew! Wish I had their frequent flier miles!

Oceanic Arts

TV Academy Xmas Party

2Q==-79It’s a Ho Ho Ho Season of Cheer at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. They had there annual Holiday party the other night.

A combined affair; Art Directors, Set Decorators , Cinematographers, and the Costume Design & Supervision Peer Group joined together to enjoy food and drinks.9k=-73

It was nice to see so many vendors dressed in party attire and relaxed. Blake Selover from AIR Designs was there with his wife (see picture to the right).

Mary Ann Biddle from Apropos Interiors, Fred and the gang from Linoleum City, and even Pam & Jim from History for Hire.

The toy donations this year were in honor of Leslie Frankenheimer (the prominent set decorator) and will benefit the children at the Grossman Burn Center.


You never know what you’re going to find when you walk into Art Pic.
ARTPICWith everything from paintings to ceramics, you will find art not only for indoors, but also art you can put in outdoor open spaces.

Even better, they can provide custom art works like murals, trompe l’eils, scultures, and paintings, not to mention decorative finishes. They have over 1000 pieces available for rent or purchase in their gallery alone.

The gallery’s inventory is always changing with new collections so don’t be surprised if you see a piece on television or a recent film. Art Pic pieces are always hanging out with movie stars on set and in their homes.


Western Studio Service, Inc

2Q==-80Western Studio Services provides storage for much of the entertainment industries’ treasured set pieces.

With locations throughout the Southland you never know what may be behind a warehouse or airplane hanger.

They provide an unequaled amount of services: Storage, from personal storage to huge warehouses for full set pieces, Transportation rentals for those hard to move pieces, personal inventory by request where employees will take exact inventory of every item that passes through the gates for you. They even have some shooting locations including a complete office with kitchenette.Z-62

Whatever your next project, chances are Western Studio Services can help make it happen, and hold on to whatever you need next time.

Here’s a little view in a hanger at their Playa Vista location.