Rrivre Works

Antler ChandeliersYou never know what your are going to find when you walk through the Rrivre Works showroom . Rrivre will customize and fabricate any piece or set that you can imagine.

While wandering around I looked up and found the Kardashian wedding cross hanging on the wall. Just more evidence that Rrivre can put together a wedding or photo shoot that will take your breath away.

Eiffel TowerWith 45,000 sq. feet of space it feels like walking past endless standing sets to choose from, and if you can’t find what you need he will design one for you. His craftsmen are always busy working on a new project and ready for that next challenge.

Vernon, believe me, is not that far away and well worth the visit.

Website: www.rrivreworks.com
Rrivre Works

Bargain Fair

Restaurant And Catering SuppliesLooking for a couple of single pieces to complete sets or just some odds and ends for that small dinner party that has turned into a banquet? Swing by Bargain Fair and pick up the supplies  you need.

Bargain Fair Restaurant Supplies is open to the public. Los Angeles Magazine noted in the Best of LA. for restaurant and catering supplies.

Note that they are right on the corner of Fairfax and Beverly so parking could be tricky but you can park in the back side of the building too.

Website: www.bargainfair.com
Bargain Fair

Universal Studios Prop Dept.

It’s always to fun to zip into a Studio Prop House like the one at Universal because one never knows what they will find greeting them at the door.

Last week it was a couple of pretty scary guys. However, when you eventually turn around you found a couple of really cool chairs that you just might want to use for that perfect, fun, set piece.

Items always come and go at these major prop houses. I always seem to be surprised at what is in stock and available for renting.

Website: www.filmmakersdestination.com
Universal Studios Property Department

Tinseltown Christmas A New Musical from Carl Johnson

Just received a note from my friend Carl Johnson who works with the Academy for New Musical  Theater. If you’re looking for a little fresh piece of theater to see during the Xmas holiday you might want to take a chance and grab a seat and see ‘Tinseltown Christmas’.

A holiday musical, “Tinseltown Christmas!” was written in collaboration with book writer and lyricist Chana Wise, and developed in association with the Academy for New Musical Theatre. this family-friendly show is being produced by the University of California, Irvine, and is being presented from December 1 through December 8.

Tinseltown Christmas is a fast-paced musical comedy of errors, blending quick tempers, sharp wit, romance and the golden age of Hollywood, with a little magic!

Show dates:
Sat. 12/1 @ 8:00pm
Sun. 12/2 @ 2:00pm
Thurs. 12/6 @ 8:00pm
Fri. 12/7 @ 8:00pm
Sat. 12/8 @ 2:00pm
Sat 12/8@ 8:00pm
Carl Johnson Music
Tickets: $15 General, $14 Seniors, $11 UCI Student
Tickets available through the Arts Box Office
at (949) 824-2787, or online HERE.

Apropos Interiors

Everyone seems to have a door mat or a welcome greeter, but some are more unique than others.

I just swung by Apropos Interiors, and you should too, to check out Fred when you walk in.

He’s no Walmart greeter but I think it’s safe to say he has a lot of personality. Toweling off after a shower must be tough for him.

Apropos Interiors

Congratulations to Linoleum City!

Linoleum City has received it’s Official Route 66 Sign!

If you only enter Lino City from the side you may have missed this most recent addition. As you approach the front doors on left is the new sign.

Linoleum City has been on the historic Route 66 since it’s move to California more than 60 years ago.

Linoleum City, Inc.




Maintenance Scheduled

Our website, www.TheSourcebookOnline.com will have intermittent service disruption for the next 12 hours as we complete some final tweaks to our hosting.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Please forward any questions to info@debbiesbook.com


The iPhone App for Debbies Book will be unaffected during this maintenance for anyone caught in a pinch!

Kater-Crafts Bookbinders

Family-owned, family-run Kater-Crafts Bookbinders is one of the largest library binderies in Southern California. They are top of the list when anyone needs fine leather binding or restoration of any rare book.

Studios have used Kater-Crafts when they need the special ‘Hero Prop’ that requires special detail to the protective box with a hidden secret inside. But Kater-Crafts is not just for universities and public libraries, rare book dealers, private collectors and studios; it’s open to the public too.

No book is too large or too small. Go ahead and give them a challenge. You will be thrilled with the results.

Website: www.katercrafts.com
Kater Crafts Bookbinders

Steeldeck, Inc.

If “all the world’s a stage,” then Steeldeck sets the scene.

Founded from a UK scenery company, Steeldeck, Inc. was created by the need for a durable, strong and easy-to-set-up staging system. That need turned into a worldwide expansion and a household name in the scenery business. Now studios, production companies, and event planners talk of how many and what kind of configurations they will need for their Steeldecks used on sound stages or for events large and small – from touring rock shows and conventions to high school graduations.

Adrian over at Steeldeck has seen it all. So if you have a problem, the folks their most likely have seen it before and can give you suggestions and ideas on how to utilize their product. Make sure you are starting on the right foot for your event, and that your foot is standing on a steeldeck.

Website: www.steeldeck.com
Steeldeck, Inc.