Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Before they all arrive at your doorstep you might want to sit down and read some good old fashioned Horror Classics.

Don’t know about you but Frankenstein, Dracula, Haunted Houses and Zombies all still scare me.  Here is a fun selection if you’re looking for a good read.

Thanks Dollie Todd for reminding me that there is a kid in all of us with this great link to some scary stories.

“13 Horror Classics That Every Student Should Read”

Don’t forget to check out some of these categories that just might save you while you’re putting the finishing touches on your haunted house:

Haunted House
Cemetery Dressing
Halloween Dressing & Accessories
Horror/Monster Dressing
Special Effects, Equipment & Supplies
Special Effects, Make-up/Prosthetics

Debbies Book App is Live!

It’s here! The App for the iPhone is available in the iTunes store:

• The same improved search options of our latest website release

• Get instant directions to the companies you find

• Call companies directly from the App

Download it now, our database is updated daily.

California Flameproofing & Processing Co., Inc.

No one wants to see his or her hard work go up in flames. California Flameproofing can help. Fabrics, carpets, leather hides, wood, plant foliage, decorative materials – California Flameproofing treats all these and more for a host of businesses, from production companies to hotels/resorts. In fact, the folks have been flameproofing and angering the Greek god of fire (yes, there is one – Hephaestus) since the 1950s.

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll want to consider flameproofing Christmas trees on production sets, business lobbies and in retail window displays. California Flameproofing does just that with an exclusive blend of 100% water-based fire retardant chemicals.

Better safe than sorry. Give California Flameproofing a call. It’s good insurance karma too.

Website: www.californiaflameproof.com
California Flameproofing

Mandex LED Displays

Did you know you can get wearable LED badges? Mandex LED Displays has them. You can program your badge with any message you choose. For those of you who know me, this could be dangerous in my hands…

But enough about that. Let’s talk about what Mandex LED Displays can do for you. Mandex LED offers trade show rental services with portable signage that draws attention, including jumbo LED screens. For you event planners, Mandex has party zippers that scroll messages with colorful visual effects. And for those of you in production, Mandex has LED displays that don’t require a sync box. That’s right, no sync issues.

Throwing a New Year’s Eve shindig? You’ll need a countdown LED display. Mandex LED Displays has those too.

Whatever your needs are, Mandex will shed some necessary light on the solution (and probably in a bunch of pretty colors too).

Website: www.ledsignage.com
Mandex LED Motion Displays