Hollywood Cinema Arts

Hollywood Cinema Arts has a new artist on board!

I just swung by to view some of Steve Kaufman’s new work and suggest you do the same.

Okay, so his work is a little scary looking but David will hold your hand.

Website: www.hcarts.com
Hollywood Cinema Arts

Estrada Dental Supply

Hate going to the dentist? I’m with you. The chair reminds me of some torture device. The day I see straps attached I’m running for the door.

But then if you need to recreate a photo shoot or movie set from 1890 to present you might want to run over to see Hank at Estrada Dental. He has every kind of dentist piece you can think of, and more that you hadn’t realized are needed. Dental X-Ray Sensors, Mobile Cabinets, Air Compressors, and even the Dental Chairs themselves!

On top of all the items to choose from here consulting is also available. Learn how to look like a proper dentist as well as dress a set like a dentist by talking to him.

Website: www.estradadental.com
Estrada Dental Supply

AA Surplus Sales Co., Inc.

Where does GI Joe go when he needs to resupply? I can tell you, it’s AA Surplus Sales.

Walk into AA Surplus and you are taken back in time. It will feel like you have walked into any military barrack store. They have everything you could possibly think you need or want to complete your list, from camping equipment to even clothing. Their website doesn’t do them justice so you really need to visit the store and make sure you’re not in a hurry.

They are a wholesaler and retailer of genuine US Military Surplus. In 1976 Ken opened his doors to not only the public but the movie industry. Some of their specialties include used Army Field tents, bunk beds, folding cots, camo clothing and soldier’s field gear. Swing by and have fun.

Website:  www.aasurplus.com
AA Surplus Sales Co, Inc

Pacific Studio, Inc.

Need to shoot a city skyline of Chicago, rural scene or lake front without leaving town? Need a shot of some people in space but can’t afford the latest rates the American Space program requires?

Sounds like some problems you can easily solve with backdrops from Pacific Studio, Inc. They have all sorts of backdrops for rent or purchase and even have the ability to fabricate one from a particular shot you have. They also have Green Screens available.

So no matter what the background of your story is they just might have what you need for that shot.

When it comes to what Pacific Studio offers, it’s one background check you won’t have to worry about passing with flying colors.

Website: www.pacificstudios.net
Pacific Studios, Inc.

Fold A Goal

Made in L.A. long before Soccer was trendy, Fold-A-Goal has been manufacturing durable soccer goods for more than 40 years here in Los Angeles, California. Plus, one of the most important characteristics of Fold-A-Goal is that 97% of all orders are usually shipped out the same day so you get what you need as soon as possible.

Everything they sell is 100% American Made, has an unconditional guaranteed satisfaction, plus a promise that nothing gets past their goal nets.

Don’t forget to check out their soccer Specials. So go ahead and kick off your set decoration right with Fold-A-Goal, they’ll help you meet your, well… goals!

Website: www.fold-a-goal.com

Nights of Neon

Always on the cutting edge whether it be neon or Accu-bend lite (a channel letter bending machine), Lisa has continued to work with state-of-the-art technologies.

Any size or use, Nights of Neon understands the speed and urgency of the industry. They have a full service in house production facility that can fabricate whatever crazy design and usage you want to toss at them.  Know that when you walk out the door their experienced crews will deliver.

If what you need is more than just neon lights, though, they also have CNC Routing and a Large Format Printer. Really a one stop shop for many sign needs. And remember, if you are already aglow with anticipation of shopping here, it may be a sign. A neon sign.

Website:  www.nightsofneon.com
Nights of Neon

Insurance West

Insurance is always needed in life as a home or business owner. But entertainment production takes you to an entirely different level of “What ifs”.

What if that bird fly’s away with our diamond ring…and what if our star disappears… and don’t forget the explosion.

That is why production companies and suppliers call on Insurance West to cover the ‘what ifs’ Insurance West has been their done that and has seen it all and then some so you can sleep easy at night knowing that everything is covered.

Website: www.insurancewest.com
Insurance West Corp.

Covert Cocktails

Martinis anyone?

Ever wonder how many cocktails spill on the floor when filming a cocktail party or bar scene? For that matter, how do all those actors stay sober…?

Covert Cocktails was born from a need. Realistic looking cocktails, including faux olives and artificial ice cubes. Dana McCall, who created Faux cocktails for a show, quickly realized the potential of what she had and tuned it into a business.

The glasses have a liquid looking solid that is easily rinsed. They never leave a sticky residue and there are no worries about clothes being spilled on. Individual and assorted packages are available. Don’t forget to spruce up your drink with faux garnishes, she has those too.

Website: www.covertcocktails.com
Covert Cocktails

Breaux’s Arts

Dana of Breaux’s Arts is a seeker of beautiful and unusual flowers and plant life. Wherever she goes, she finds the hidden garden, the wonderland of botanical treasures, and sources exotic plant life and other unusual natural products for set designers, stylists and event planners.

Giant fuzzy Southern acorns, tobacco “hands,” assorted minerals, tumbleweeds, Buddha’s Hand and other exotic citrus, intact Madagascar Vanilla beans, “meteorite” rocks, black bamboo – Breaux’s Arts has found them all and more. I guess you can call Dana a discoverer of uncommon beauty.

You can find Breaux’s Arts in Debbies Book: The Online Source Book.

Website: www.facebook.com/BreauxArts12/info
Breaux’s Arts

Big Events, Inc.

Unless you’re globophobic (stop now if you are), most everyone loves a balloon. What would the Macy’s Parade be without giant balloons? It’s… unfathomable. And why would we stop to shop the shiny new cars without the giant cold-air/fan-powered inflatables beckoning us? It’s the balloons!

Since 1990, Charlie at Big Events, Inc. has been creating giant inflatable balloons for all occasions. Giant advertising balloons. Custom balloons. Cold-air inflatables. Helium parade balloons. Big Events has a huge variety to choose from. There are licensed characters, holiday (Halloween, Christmas & Easter), sports, animals, spheres and more. For your next Big Event, give them a call. They all so have discounted giant balloons.

I’ve always wondered how many people it takes to hold down one of those giant helium character balloons in the Macy’s Parade. And what would happen if someone let go to tie his shoe just as the wind kicked up? Hmmm.

Website: www.bigeventsonline.com
Big Events, Inc