Flix FX Inc.

Experience is important for companies working in the industry. When it comes to Flix FX they certainly have been around a set or two. Take a look at what Marc has worked on, his work really speaks for itself.

From the kookiest to the coolest Flix FX can mold it, cast it, and vacuum form it. They can work with you from design, to model, to finished product.

Their list of credits include Stage Shows, Themed Entertainment, Museums, Casinos, Film, Television, Commercials, Trade Shows, Store Displays and so much more.

Do you need your prop motorized? No problem. Need a tube or pipe bending done just to spec? Just tell them how many and at what angle it needs to be bent. Their team is waiting for that challenge. They’ll complete it with just a Flix of the wrist.

Website: www.flixfx.com
Flix FX Inc

Louis Equipment

Manny Louis knew that the skills he obtained from the navy would have a place in Hollywood. Home has always been San Pedro for him so working with the sea was natural for Manny. His family’s history consists of generations of ship suppliers, paving the way for Manny, who also followed in the marine business.

Then Hollywood found Manny and away they went…

Starting in 1947, Manny started his own business, Louis Equipment. This company was incorporated in 1949 in California. Manny expanded from purchasing surplus material from the Federal War Assets Administration to supplying international commercial and military provisioning for industrialization projects. Some of his customers have included the French, Argentinian, and South Korean navies, along with many other large scale industries.

This expansion is what allowed him to amass a considerably large inventory that is for rent for the movie and television industries. Give Louis Equipment a call, his nautical know-how and inventory may be just the life preserver your production needs.

Website: www.louis-equipment.com
Louis Equipment Co.

ClearedArt.com/El Studio Granados

His artwork is inspired by his Native American ancestry and a homage to nature. Artist Bernie Granados Jr. of ClearedArt.com/El Studio Granados works in a wide variety of mediums, from wood carvings, ceramics and bronze to watercolor or pen and ink.

It was Bernie’s original style – and often use of horses in his art – that drew me to having him create the cover of my 21st edition in 2006. A true “Native Artist,” you can see his work at the Southwest Museum here in Los Angeles where he is the Artist in Residence.

Bernie’s pieces have been used in many productions and, because he owns the rights, all of his works are cleared. In addition to his rental collection, which includes his hand-crafted masks and Mad Cow ponies, Bernie welcomes commissions to create pieces for your unique needs.

Website: www.clearedart.com
Clearedart.com/El Studio Granados

Art Tribe, Inc

Caroline at Art Tribe, Inc. has created a gallery of quality artwork for not only home, home staging and business use but also for television and film production (all artwork for production is cleared). Representing artists on both coasts as well as Atlanta, she has gathered an eclectic mix of talent from various disciplines – painting, photography, prints, sculpture and more.

Art Tribe also does special commissions, murals and custom portraits, so be sure to call Caroline for arrangements. Also check out Art Tribe’s website. You can see all of the artists’ portfolios. There are so many wonderful pieces that you’ll certainly find the perfect one that speaks to you. But please don’t answer when it does. People will give you strange looks.

Website: www.arttribe.net
Art Tribe, Inc.

Schmidli Backdrops

Sought out by top photographers, Schmidli Backdrops creates works of art used in fashion photographs, celebrity portraits, music videos, films and red carpet events. Inspiring, sensitive, subtle yet richly textured – these are some of the ways founder Marco Schmidli’s backdrops are described. Take one look and you’ll agree that his work sets the standard for all others.

With over 1000 pieces ranging from 4′ x 4′ to 40′ x 60′ at locations worldwide, Schmidli Backdrops can easily meet the needs of all of its clients.

Expanding beyond backdrops, Schmidli also offers production services for photo shoots, providing coordination and management for all aspects of photo production, including location scouting, art direction, lighting, art buying, gear rental, crew and more.

Website: www.schmidli.com
Schmidli Backdrops LA

L.A. Party Works

An award-winning member of the Magic Castle, LA Party Works Interactive founder Eric Elkaim performs his magic for more than 20 years, turning public and private events into must-see, fun-filled entertainment affairs, large or small.

Whether you are planning a corporate event or a special birthday party, interactive entertainment is the way to go. With great design, execution and service, Party Works can create a casino night for your fundraisers, a winter wonderland for your corporate holiday party, a themed event for your Blu-ray/DVD release party or a grad night extravaganza. If you can imagine it, Party Works will bring it to life. And if you need ideas, you’ll find plenty there.

With musical acts ranging from string quartet to Afro-Cuban/Latin jazz, pop rock and salsa, Party Works Interactive events can also include props, inflatables, arcade games, rock climbing walls, mechanical bulls and sharks, competition events, and so much more.

For your next shindig, go interactive!

Website:  www.partyworksusa.com
L. A. Party Works

Jet Effects

Was that a pizza oven in the glove box? Did that guy really drive a nail through the wall with his forehead? Sure does look like it. That’s the special effects work of Jet Effects. Need explosions, floods, earthquakes ― Jet Effects can create devastation without disaster.

Building specialty props for a theme park, commercial, TV or film business is also what Jet Effects does. Whether you need water, land, wind or mechanical effects, these folks can build and execute your special project with ease. Get ready to be blown away. “Cue wind!”

Website: www.jeteffects.net
Jet Effects

Music Prop Services

If someone said to me, “I need a ghungharu, a vihuela and a euphonium,” I think the blank look on my face would say it all. Ok, so I don’t know what those things are, but the folks at Music Prop Services wouldn’t skip a beat, “Got it.”

All styles, periods and types of instruments are for rent and sale at MPS. There’s also DJ gear, sound & stage equipment and cleared artwork. If you need set-up assistance, research or a consult, MPS will provide all of it.

MPS has worked with top music artists, major corporations, and TV & film productions. Clients include Linkin Park, Alicia Keys, “The Office,” “Californication,” American Express, The Gap and more.

Check out Music Prop Services. They’ll have you humming a happy tune in no time.

Website: www.musicprops.com
Music Prop Services

The Studios at Paramount

The 65-acre lot has 30 stages and numerous back lots that let you recreate just about any location in the world. Unique architectural structures and facades, scenic parks, Blue Sky Tank and The Alley help create the settings you want and need.

A classic full-service studio, The Studios at Paramount offers a host of top-notch production support services, from well-equipped production offices to lighting, grip, art, transportation and post production services.

Art department folks aren’t the only ones using the facilities; many interior designers use the services for custom furniture and cabinetry work on their projects. And for you event planners, The Studios at Paramount also does event hosting, using the same movie magic to make your live event the event of the year.

Website: www.thestudiosatparamount.com
The Studios at Paramount

Square Deal Plumbing

A family business since 1933, Square Deal Plumbing not only provides services to local plumbers but also Hollywood set decorators, serving as a prop house for plumbing rentals for the past 15 years.

Located just south of downtown Los Angeles, Square Deal Plumbing specializes in hard-to-find vintage plumbing fixtures and parts, as well as custom re-glazing, using their own exclusive system. Square Deal also does complete restorations of vintage faucets and fixtures.

Website: http://asquaredeal.4mg.com/
Square Deal Plumbing Co., Inc.