DCP Productions Heads West

Don Cherel of DCP was filming at the Disney Ranch last month and I found out that DCP Productions is expanding westward. I had him send me his press release:


BALTIMORE, MD (May 29th, 2012) – DCP Productions is proud to announce the expansion of our company to a new location in Los Angeles, California. With the continued success of our content creation and production of TV commercial campaigns, the time has come to expand our operations by opening an additional office that will help us better serve our current clients, and pave the way for new client relationships. The LA location will facilitate streamlined pre-production, field-production, and post-production logistics.

Our team is excited about the expansion and the new opportunities that it presents. We are committed to serving our clients’ needs in the most efficient way possible and plan on continuing to build upon DCP’s success thus far. Stay tuned.

In addition to our company expansion, we’re offering you the opportunity to rent the same cutting edge technology we use.  DCP Productions is committed to innovation that is supported by using the most advanced camera systems available. Contact us for rental opportunities or to setup a rental program that works for you.

DCP Productions is a content creation group. We partner and collaborate with clients to conceptualize and develop relevant media solutions. We accomplish the extraordinary by pairing our unique talents and cultural insight with cutting edge production techniques.

Website: www.dcpproductions.net

Sandy Rose Floral Designs

Desperate Housewives are never desperate for amazing fresh flowers when they have Sandy Rose.

Where do those movie makers get their flowers? Sandy Rose Floral Design—legendary florals for television and film. TV’s Heroes knew where to go. So did the Wedding Crashers. Set flowers have to be hardy in order to survive those Hollywood lights, and Sandy Rose knows the tricks of the trade, creating sturdy yet beautiful arrangements that don’t upstage the actors, but still stand out on their own.

She only works with productions, so her work ethic and experience reflect this. You’ll find Sandy Rose Floral Designs in Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Rush Hour 3, How I Met Your Mother, Nip/Tuck, and the list goes on…

Website: www.sandyrose.com
Sandy Rose Floral, Inc


High Wheelers – Bob & Vicki Trepanier

Best known for their high wheel cycles and original props from the 1880s to 1930s (and beyond), Bob and Vicki have quite a collection of hard to find Americana.  From rickshaws to antique vehicles and buses, High Wheelers has a little of everything. Make sure to duck when you’re in the attic though, you never know what you might find hanging from the rafters.

Bill Ferrell Co.

I fondly remember one year when Bill called me up and told me that he had put a book in the mail for me to read. I first met Bill in the ’70s when he had a company called Showtime Scenery, building sets for “Soul Train” (I know that dates me).

Many people know Bill and think of him now as a “turntable and confetti guy.” But few know that he ran away to join the circus in 1971 when he was 19. On a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus poster, he saw that they were performing in Sarasota, Florida. He jumped in his car and drove south, only to find out that the circus had already left for St. Louis. He set off for St. Louis, missing the circus by a day, so he headed for Dayton, Ohio, arriving at 2:00 a.m. and learned that the carnies hadn’t arrived yet. When he finally found someone to ask about a job, they gave him a couple of scrappy jobs to do, but what they really needed was someone who could type (a skill he had).

So, Bill was hired on as the paymaster, and off he went touring with “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Bill later went back to finish college in Technical Theater with a business major, but he headed out on the road touring with “Holiday on Ice” as an electrician. He then moved on to bigger road shows like “The Wiz” as a lighting designer and ended up in Hollywood starting a scenery company and building sets.

Today, you’ll find the Bill Ferrell Co. in its new building in Sun Valley, which provides more space for portable stages, turntables, lifts, and mechanical and confetti effects that Bill and his crew provide clients for commercials, TV, film, theatrical productions and large corporate events with the same flair he had under the big tent.

Website: www.billferrell.com
Bill Ferrell Co.

BASAW Manufacturing

And when you crate it, for Pete’s sake, don’t break it! Ship it right. Go to BASAW. That’s what BASAW Manufacturing has been doing for 45 years. In 2000, I got a call from Robert asking me when he can get in my book. “Well,” I said, “Show me your stuff.” And that he did. Crate after crate after crate!

Need to ship a dinosaur across the world? What about anti-terrorist equipment, museum-quality artwork, or that special vehicle for a cross country show? BASAW has state-of-the-art crating solutions for every situation and experience in crating and fabricating crates for any over-sized product, sensitive equipment, or items of all kind!

Sometimes it’s good to stay think inside the box!

Website: www.basaw.com
Basaw Manufacturing, Inc.

Asian Art Imports

An importer of organic contemporary décor, Asian Art Imports has a distinct style in sustainable home furnishings. A piece from owners Wally and Pat Stryk’s collection could be a showstopper in a room with a story. Since 1998, the Stryks’ focus has been on natural home décor, and their unique indoor and outdoor pieces add an artisan touch to green home design.

They accept any sized order and have container rates to ship worldwide. Check them out, their inventory will make you green with envy.

Website: www.asianartimports.com
Asian Art Imports

Balloon Haven

Balloons can lift any festivity, from live extravaganzas to birthday parties. Balloon Haven specializes in professional special event decoration for holiday parties, product reveals, meetings and breakout sessions, exhibitions, live entertainment events, premieres, award galas and more. You’ve also seen the company’s balloon decor in television shows, commercials and films.

If you want to add a splash of color and whimsy to your event and make it pop (yes, I said it!), Balloon Haven can create arches, columns, hearts, murals, logos, balloon drops, releases and customized balloon arrangements to personalize that next birthday, birth announcement, anniversary, wedding or any other social event.

Website: www.balloonhaven.com
Balloon Haven

Linoleum City

Linoleum City has been around since 1948 and is still owned by the Stifter family. I remember during the ’70s, while working on all the Norman Lear sitcoms, a set would change overnight and every art director was in a time crunch, needing carpet cut to exact specifications. Lino City rushed in to save the day almost every time.

The entertainment industry, of course, influenced the buying pattern for Linoleum City’s huge inventory. Searching the world for fresh designs and products is what keeps designers coming back to Lino City.

From red carpet for the Academy Awards to old-fashioned linoleum, high-tech resilient flooring, hardwood, laminates, sisal or sea grass—Linoleum City, Inc. on historic Route 66 in Hollywood will have you floored!

Website: www.linoleumcity.com
Linoleum City, Inc.
Ph: (323) 469-0063
Ph: (800) 559-CITY

Castex Rentals

While working at Paramount Studios, Tex Jackson founded Castex Rentals to provide grip equipment to production companies. That was in the early 1950s. Today, his son, Bill, and Bill’s children continue what Tex started over 50 years ago.

The expendables, from tape, camera supplies, make-up/wardrobe or just plain miscellaneous stuff you need on set, are well stocked for grab and go. Just grab your list of camera mounts, dolly tracks, director’s chairs and make-up tables and pull up; the Castex team will fill out your list. And if you don’t have a truck, they will provide one for you.

If these three generations of pros can’t figure out what else your production needs, then you’ve already got it.

Website: www.castexrentals.com
Castex Rentals

Designer Fabric Sale starts today at FIDM!

Need that special little splash of a unique hand-embroidered silk fabric to set off your design at a fraction of the cost.

FIDM has yards and yards from a private couturier collection on sale this week while supply lasts. They have some great fabrics with limited quantities so get there while they still have what you are looking for!

All sales go to the FIDM Scholarship Foundation, Inc which provides financial assistance to eligible students.

919 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Website: http://fidm.edu/
(213) 624-1200